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Largest and Smallest Number from 508 - Matchsticks Puzzle

12.Matchstick Puzzles
Move only 2 matchsticks and find the largest & smallest possible number which can be made from this number.

      Explanation :

       The Largest Number would be 511108. 
      Move two horizontal matchsticks from frist zeros, as a result, it becomes 11. 
      Then, create 1 between 11 using the matchsticks which were removed to make 111 as shown in the below image.
      The Smallest Number would be -91108. 
      Move one from 111 matchsticks as a result it becomes 11. Then, using the two matchsticks which were removed, use one of them to make 9 out of 5 and use the second one for the ?- ?sign in front of 9.