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Math challenge - Try solving This Letter Math Puzzle, Within 1 Minute.

Certainly! Math puzzles, quizzes, Brain teasers, and missing letter puzzles are cognitive challenges that can be used to exercise your brain, improve problem-solving skills, and enhance mental ability. They can be fun to solve and provide a sense of accomplishment when you figure them out.

Math Challenge

What is the numerical value of X Y Z based on a numerical value assigned to each letter based on its position, where given the following values:

P H D   =20

W H O   =16

U S G   =33

X Y Z   =??

What value will be the value of X Y Z in numerical form?

Hint: A + B - C

Answer: 23

Didn't get how, move on to the explanation.


A to Z numbers are assigned 1 to 26 respectively,

According to hint,

1st box = (P + H - D)

           = 16 + 8 - 4

           = 20

1st box = 20

2nd box = (W + H - O)

            = 23 + 8 - 15

            = 16

2nd box = 16

3rd box = (U + S - G)

            = 21 + 19 - 7

            = 33

3rd box = 33

4th box = (X + Y - Z)

           = 24 + 25 - 26

           = 23

4th box = 23

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