Head of a whale is six feet long-Math Riddle

Whales, the majestic giants of the ocean, often captivate our imagination with their sheer size and magnificence. But have you ever wondered how long a whale could be based on certain intriguing clues? In this mathematical journey, we'll explore a riddle that reveals the length of a whale by examining the proportions of its head, tail, and body.


The head of a whale is six feet long; his tail is as long as his head and half his body, and his body is half of his whole length. How long is the whale?




    Explanation :  

    The length of the fish is 48

    Let x = length of fish
    Then, ½x = length of body
                6 + (½)(½x) = 6 + ¼x = length of tail
    Length of fish = length of head + length of body + length of tail
    x = 6 + ½x + 6 + ¼x
    x = 12 + ¾x
    ¼x = 12
    x= 48





By deciphering the given clues and using basic mathematical operations, we determined that the length of the whale is 48 feet. This mathematical puzzle involving the proportions of the whale's head, tail, and body showcases the power of logical reasoning in solving real-world problems, even when they involve the mysteries of the ocean's magnificent creatures.