Jennifer decides to invest in Ethereum - Math Riddle

Jennifer decides to invest in Ethereum. He pays $12000 for it. After one day, the Ethereum value has increased to $13000 and so Jennifer decides to sell it. But the next day she regrets her decision and she buys it again. Unfortunately, at a higher price and has to pay $14000 to get it back, so she loses $1000. The very next day, he sells the Ethereum for $15000.

Did he make any overall profit? If yes, How much?




    Explanation :  

    at first she bought it for 12000 and sold it 13000
    Profit from 1st transaction = $1000 (13000-12000)
    next day she bought it for 14000 and sold it for 15000
    Profit from 2nd transaction = $1000 (15000-14000)
    So the overall profit will be = (1st + 2nd )(1000+ 1000 )$2000