How many earrings are being worn in this club? - Math Riddle

Mathematics often finds its way into the most unexpected places, like the exclusive world of a men's club. Today, we have a puzzling question to answer: just how many earrings are being worn by the members of this unique club? Join us as we venture into this intriguing mathematical riddle!


There is a certain club which is for men only. There are 600 men who belong to this club and 5% of these men wear one earring. Of the other 95% membership, half wear two earrings and the other half wear none. How many earrings are being worn in this club?



Answer: 600

Explanation :  

We have the following information:

5% of the men wear one earring.
The other 95% are divided into two groups: half wear two earrings, and half wear none.
Let's calculate it step by step:

First, we find out how many men wear one earring:

5% of 600 = (5/100) * 600 = 30 men.

Now, we know that 95% of the men belong to the other two groups (those who either wear two earrings or none). To find out the total number in this group, we calculate:

95% of 600 = (95/100) * 600 = 570 men.

As you correctly pointed out, half of the 95% (570) wear two earrings, and the other half wear none. Since they all belong to the same 95%, you can consider it as if they all wear one earring.

Now, to find the total number of earrings being worn in the club, we add the number of earrings worn by each group:

Total earrings = Earrings worn by men with one earring + Earrings worn by men with two earrings or none.

Total earrings = 30 (one earring) + 570 (effectively one earring) = 600 earrings.


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By solving this math puzzle, we've found that 900 earrings are being worn in this men's club. It's a reminder that mathematics can reveal surprising answers in unexpected places. So, the next time you spot someone wearing earrings, you might wonder how many earrings they and their fellow club members are sporting!