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Monkey is trying to climb a Coconut tree-Math riddle

57.Math Riddles
A monkey is trying to climb a coconut tree. He takes 3 steps forward and slips back 2 steps downward. Each forward step is 30 cm and each backward step is 40cm. How many steps are required to climb a 100cm tree?
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      Explanation :  
      50 steps Each forward step = 30cm  
      Each backward step = 40cm  
      If monkey climbed 3 steps, means it covering 3*30=90cm  
      If monkey slips 2 steps means = 2*40 = 80cm 
      then monkey covers only 10cm.  
      Therefore for covering 10 cm monkey has to take 5 steps. 
      Then for climbing 100 cm tree it takes  100 ÷ 10 = 10cm  
      For covering 100cm, it should take 5*10 = 50 steps.