Nonstop Train -Math riddle

Trains, a classic mode of transportation, can sometimes lead to intriguing mathematical puzzles. In this blog post, we'll embark on a journey with two nonstop trains, one departing from Moscow and the other from Leningrad. Our goal is to determine the distance between them just one hour before they pass each other. Get ready to explore the world of speed, distance, and time in this engaging math challenge.


A nonstop train leaves Moscow for Leningrad at 60 mph. Another nonstop train leaves Leningrad for Moscow at 40 mph. How far apart are the trains 1 hour before they pass each other?



Explanation :  

We have two trains:

  1. Train 1 is traveling at 60 mph.
  2. Train 2 is traveling at 40 mph.

One hour before they pass each other, they have been traveling towards each other for one hour. In that time, they will have covered a distance equal to their combined speeds.

So, the total distance covered by both trains together in one hour is:

Distance = Speed x Time

For Train 1: Distance covered by Train 1 = 60 mph x 1 hour = 60 miles

For Train 2: Distance covered by Train 2 = 40 mph x 1 hour = 40 miles

Combined distance covered by both trains = 60 miles (Train 1) + 40 miles (Train 2) = 100 miles.

Hence, one hour before they pass each other, the two trains are 100 miles apart. This illustrates how understanding the concepts of speed, time, and distance allows us to analyze and solve real-world scenarios involving moving objects.



One hour before they pass each other, the Moscow-Leningrad Express and its counterpart are 100 miles apart, hurtling towards an inevitable encounter. This scenario showcases how simple mathematics can illuminate complex real-world situations, adding an extra layer of fascination to the world of locomotion.