Twin Brother Number - Math Riddle

Greetings, puzzle enthusiasts! Today, we venture into the world of numerical mysteries tied to home sweet home. Imagine living next door to your twin brother, where the connection between your house numbers adds a layer of intrigue. Join us as we unravel the puzzle of twin brothers and their house numbers, exploring the art of deductive reasoning and creative problem-solving.


My twin brother lives at the reverse of my house number. The difference between our house numbers ends in two. What are the lowest possible numbers of our house numbers?



 Answer: 72

 Explanation :  

Let's denote your house number as 

and your twin brother's house number as . According to the given conditions:

  1. Both house numbers have the same digits '1' and '9': and .
  2. The difference between your house numbers is .

Substituting the values:


So, mathematically, the explanation can be represented as 72, where 19 and  91. This illustrates that the house numbers 19 and 91 indeed have the same digits '1' and '9', and the difference between them is 72.

In conclusion, the mystery of the lowest possible house numbers for you and your twin brother is unraveled with the discovery of 19 and 91. This numerical puzzle showcases the creative interplay between siblings and numbers, reminding us that even in mathematics, family ties can bring about delightful surprises. Happy puzzling!