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Poisoned Punch At A Party - Riddle Of the Day

"Poisoned punch at a party..."- this riddle of the day is beloved by many people, and we have bought the riddle which is easy but tricky where you have to think out of the box where the solutions to this riddle enthusiast out there. Let's dive right in and test our wits with this clever riddle of the day!

Riddle of the day

A man went to a party and drink some of the punch.

He then left early. Everyone at the party who drank the punch subsequently died of poisoning. Why did the man not die?

Answer: The poison was in the ice cubes.

Still, stuck in the answer that how did the man not die?

No worries let's hop on to the explanation.


The answer to the riddle is that the poison was in the ice cubes. The man who left the party early did not consume the punch after the ice cubes had melted, so he did not ingest any of the poison.

The riddle implies that the poison was added to the punch,

but it was actually in the ice cubes. The ice cubes had been contaminated with the poison before they were added to the punch. The poison would only be released into the punch when the ice cubes melted, and anyone who drank the punch after that point would ingest the poison and die.

Since the man left the party early, he did not consume any punch after the ice cubes had melted, and he was therefore not exposed to the poison. This allowed him to avoid getting poisoned like everyone else who drank the punch.

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