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Soft, Hairy, From Door To Door - Riddle Of The Day

Solving riddles is not only a fun activity but it also has many benefits for the brain. By exercising our problem-solving skills, riddles can improve our memory, creativity, and critical thinking. Furthermore, riddles can provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, when you will solve today?s riddle it might leave you in confusion, which might challenge your mind and test your wits, but will provide you fun and develop your memory.

Riddle of the day

Soft, hairy, from door to door. I am the pet that always stays on the floor. What am I?

Answer: A carpet.


A carpet is a soft and hairy textile floor covering that is installed from door to door in many homes. It stays on the floor, making it a pet that never leaves its spot. This riddle is an example of a play on words or pun, as the word "pet" in the riddle is used as a homonym for "piece" or "section," referring to a section of the carpet.

Solving riddles is an enjoyable way to challenge your brain and improve your problem-solving skills. This riddle, in particular, is a fun example of how language can be used in unexpected ways to create playful and thought-provoking word puzzles.

In summary, the answer to the riddle "Soft, hairy, from door to door. I am the pet that always stays on the floor" is a carpet.

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