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Spending A Night In An Apartment With No Power - Riddle Of The Day

Spending a night in an apartment with no power - this riddle gives you the different warning signs if such a tough situation occurs to you!! What would you choose? Let's solve this riddle of the day and find out the way out to this riddle, how can we survive in this situation?

Riddle of the day

You need to spend a night in an apartment where there is no power. There are three flats in the apartment. On the door of each flat, there are three different signs.

1st flat says        - "Lions Inside- anyone goes in becomes their supper".

2nd flat says       - "Open the door and a machine gun starts firing".

3rd flat says        - "Electric place- touch anything and you will die".

Which room would you choose?


Answer: 3rd flat - Electric place


The correct answer to this riddle is the third flat with the sign that says "Electric place- touch anything and you will die".

Although all three signs suggest danger and potential harm, the key to the answer lies in the fact that there is no power in the apartment. Without power, the electrically charged room would not pose a threat as there is no source of electricity to cause harm.

The first flat warning of lions inside may be a hoax or prank, while the second flat warning of a machine gun firing upon opening the door is likely a trap or trick.

Therefore, the safest option would be to choose the third flat and avoid touching anything.

Hope you choose the correct answer and survived. for more such riddles you may check out Riddle with Answer.

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