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The windows were frozen-Riddle


Riya goes to her friend Aalia’s house, on a wintry evening only to find her dead. When the police learn about the incident, they question Riya about how she found out. Riya says that she knocked on the door and rang the bell repeatedly. Since the light was on in one of the rooms, Riya knew Aalia must be home and decided to look through the window. The windows were frozen, so she breathed on the iced glass, and that’s when she noticed Aalia’s body on the floor. The police suspect, Riya is the murderer. Why?

    Riya could not have possibly gotten a clear view of the room from outside, as both sides of the glass would be frozen, so she could not have seen inside.

Mindyourlogic Riddle:  Answer:
The windows were frozen-Riddle