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If someone walked up to you and said, “Knock Knock”, you’d reply with a “who’s there?” as a reflex answer. This is one of those responses that has been ingrained in our brains. A knock-knock joke is a type of audience-participatory part-joke, part-riddle usually ending with a pun. This is a classic and sure-fire way to elicit laughter from everyone who hears it and always seems to “knock” it out of the park.


Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Cow says.

Cow says who?

No, a cow says mooooo!



Have you ever wondered where do these jokes and riddles come from? This question was never completely answered. Though we do not know when and where these riddles were first gestated, we do know that these first appeared in print media (mainly newspapers and magazines) in 1936. A pop-culture controversy reference was disguised as a knock-knock joke which went on to gain immense popularity and subsequently marked the beginning of an era. It went something like this –


Knock knock. Who’s there? Edward Rex.

Edward Rex who? Edward wrecks the Coronation.


This joke humored on the hot-topic of the time; how to-be King Edward VIII decided abdicate in December 1936, much after the preparations of his coronation had begun thereby ‘wrecking’ his coronation.


Since then, knock-knock jokes became a staple of universal humor and with its insistent set-up and wordplay punchline, it came to be understood and enjoyed by people of all ages and inclinations. But that wasn’t always the case. These jokes were not always appreciated, in fact, the knocks against knock-knock jokes and riddles had intensified during the 1930s. They were labelled as childish and impractical. People who disliked puns voiced their objections and people who liked them were said to have social problems. Incessant wordplay was regarded as a psychological condition! Isn’t that mind-boggling?


Many people argued that knock-knock jokes and riddles are like a soothing balm or a light and welcome diversion from daily chaos. Humor and the laughter associated with it, is known to boost heart health, ease physical pain and improve sleep and immunity. Wordplay and riddles encourage upgradation of creativity and command over language. As we know, Riddles can support our problem solving, logic and critical thinking skills. If we wrestle with a riddle for a period, it can help our concentration, focus, and brain dexterity. People also enunciated that jokes and riddles can help convey thoughts, sensitive news and morals in a light-hearted but impactful manner.


These can also pose as great conversation starters as they not only swamp the awkwardness but also attempt to get the other person to contribute to the communication. And truth be told, laughing together right off the bat can be great to keep the conversation going!



Are knock- knock jokes and riddles funny or not? Are they examples of high wittiness or half-wittedness? The battle continues.


I believe that combining riddles and jokes together in an entertaining, yet effective way was a breakthrough and should be used more often. Children should be taught the concept of humor and satire from the beginning as it helps build character and provokes multifaceted thinking.



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