Solve puzzles for 10 days straight

What will happen to your brain if you solve puzzles for 10 days straight

Whether you watch movies like Jumanji, which is filled with riddles or perform sudoku on the second-to-last page of a newspaper, completing puzzles of any type is enjoyable and engaging. But what actually happens in your head when you analyze your answer or your next course of action?. Since then, several types of puzzles have been invented, and people have had a lot of fun solving them.
Solving puzzles is fun for some and difficult for others, but it helps an individual's brain develop and keeps them cognitively engaged in either case. Some people have a habit of solving puzzles on a regular basis, while others don't. So, Let’s see What will happen if we solve puzzles on a daily basis for 10 days straight!

Benefits of puzzles

  • It keeps your brain active: Solving puzzles or riddles is a wonderful way to keep your brain sharp even in old age. Brain studies show that solving tricky puzzles triggers the growth of new brain connections. improves short-term memory, increases the speed of processing information, improves problem-solving skills, and IQ score, and lowers stress levels.

  • Relaxes your brain cells: Puzzle or riddle-solving is such a focused task that it can be mentally relaxing, similar to meditation. And, according to neurological experts, this relaxation is critical for your mental health.

  • Improves your mood: Solving puzzles can also improve your mood by increasing dopamine production, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, memory, and concentration.

  • Slows Cognitive Aging: One benefit of solving riddles and puzzles is that it slows cognitive aging and slows the loss of memory and other problem-solving skills that accompany aging.

  • Develops problem-solving skills: Puzzles and riddles sharpen one’s ability to solve problems. While playing can help you learn that there are steps that can be taken to solve a problem.

  • Activates both hemispheres of the brain: While solving logic riddles and searching for an answer, both hemispheres of the brain are active. The left hemisphere is involved with reasoning and attempts to identify causal links. The right one deals with intuition and tries to construct the whole picture and build creative thinking.

  • Increases IQ level: Solving puzzles and riddles can help boost your IQ and can help you improve your memory, concentration, vocabulary, and reasoning.

When we make our brain work, it doesn’t feel very joyful and tries to resist in every possible way. It’s natural for our brain to try to preserve its energy, but laziness leads to degradation. Solving riddles daily gives our brain a “work-out,” and sharpens our logic, critical thinking, and imagination. A mental workout is as important for you as a physical workout and puzzles help you in doing so. Including mental exercises into your daily routine will provide you with the benefits of a sharper mind and a healthier body for many years to come.
Hence, solving puzzles of any kind, whether it’s equation riddles, visual puzzles, jigsaw puzzels, etc. keeps your mind up and running which will benefit you in numerous things in daily life. So keep solving them and enjoy!