The World's Oldest Riddle

Let’s know about the world's oldest riddles ever.

Did you know that the first discovered written riddles date back nearly 4,000 years? It's fascinating to learn how many riddles have been solved in the past. Did you know even 4,000 years ago, people used riddles and logic puzzles to test each other's critical thinking skills?


We overlook riddles nearly every day. Where did all these literary gems come from? Riddles were written in Cuneiform, the writing of the ancient Sumerians. Also, the oldest known riddle originated from old Mesopotamia. Riddles emerged in ancient and mediaeval literature. They were used to add suspense to the text as well as to pass on cultural traditions. One example would be the hidden double meanings in the printed language that formed the foundation of mediaeval scholars' knowledge. Riddles had an educational purpose in that they were designed to approach their audience through one of the many meanings a single word could have in any given situation.



The first riddle, known as 'The Riddle of the Sphinx,' is from Greek mythology; the answer is usually said to be a man. The Riddle of the Sphinx dates to around 470 BC. This is the earliest record of the story's riddle, though the story itself is thought to have begun around 600 BC.


If we go back in time, we can find the answers to the first riddles in recorded history. With the introduction of the internet, an endless number of riddles become available to everyone, but it was not always the scenario. Prior to the invention of the internet, the radio, and television, people only experienced riddles through direct conversation and reading. One of the most famous riddles originated during this time:



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