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Why solving detective riddles is good for brain

Learn the benefits of solving detective riddles.

Sherlock Homes, Nancy Drew and Jessica Fletcher are some exceptional sleuths who have encapsulated the minds of every single person who has come across their legends. Sherlock Homes plays a consulting detective in the stories and is rightly famous for his proficiency with observations. Nancy Drew?s intelligence and courage stands out more than everyone else and no one solves murder- mysteries better than Jessica Fletcher.


What if I were to tell you that a fresh character is out and about, who not only captures the essence of all these brilliant detectives but also brings a twist of its own! Before that, let?s discuss and deliberate, how do you think these extraordinary minds became so?



Solving puzzles and riddles make you mentally agile. This mental ability also demonstrates eminent problem-solving techniques. It edifies the value of trial and error, formulating theories, and having an open mind about changing perspectives making you innovative and adaptable. These traits are vital in such line of work. It has proven to help keep stress levels in check and reduce fatigue which are prerequisites when you are constantly dealing with situations of sensitive nature.

This makes it easier to concentrate on tasks at hand and with improved concentration comes skyrocketed productivity.

With increasing popularity of riddles, numerous creative minds have come up with various categories of riddles. These are at our disposal to address and upgrade certain specific skills. An example of one such category is :- Detective Riddles.


Curiosity is a quality related to investigation, and learning, evident by observation in humans and other animals. Curiosity is heavily associated with all aspects of human development. It is a quality that does make us explore, question and sustain interest in everything that surrounds us.



Engaging in detective riddles is great way to fuel this quality which can be advantageous in the long run. All of us love mystery, all we need is an intriguing story. Solving mysteries and riddles are a great way of improving your memory retention and other cognitive capabilities. Detective riddles fulfil these purposes effortlessly. They compel you to stop and observe. They enhance your attention-to-detail skills and embrace the slower pace of things. Solving detective riddles stimulate the investigative part of your mind. Your mind is like a muscle; flexible and malleable. It expands with usage and these riddles help you do just that.


Now coming to the much-awaited part;

Detective Mehul games and YouTube channel, definitely stands out in this category. It is a character introduced by Mind Your Logic Studios and caters to the audience across platforms. He solves murder, mystery, robbery, kidnapping etc. in the most unique way possible.

The games are easy to use and make learning extremely entertaining. Riddles are designed as captivating stories and revolve around a variety of characters that each play an essential role throughout the story. These videos and games appeal to the users and make them a part of the story. They take you on a journey and leave you wanting more, while boosting your skills and strengthening your brain.


There are two games based on Detective Mehul ? Detective Mehul game and Mr. Detective, available on android and iOS, loved and celebrated by 1m + users. It also has a dedicated YouTube channel with over 1.1m subscribers. The character also features in 8+ other games and 14+ YouTube channels created by Mind Your Logic.


I would undoubtedly recommend checking them out and get your voyage towards mental agility started!

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