Modern Hindu Girl Names: Stylish Picks for Your Little Princess

"Here is a collection of modern hindu girls name for you! These names are a mix of tradition and modernity, perfect for today's generation. Whether you're expecting a baby girl or just love exploring names, you'll findfrom A letter names to z letter names in our collection. "Lets get started and explore these lovely names!"


A Letter Names

1.Aanya - "Grace" or "favored by the Lord."

2. Aaradhya - "Worshipped" or "adored," often associated with divine reverence.

3. Aashi - "Smile" or "laughter," representing joy and happiness.

4. Aarohi - "Ascending" or "to rise," symbolizing upward movement or progress.

5.  Aadya - Aadya - "First" or "original" - symbolizes primacy and precedence, often associated with the beginning of all creation.

6. Advika - "Unique" or "one of a kind," signifying individuality and distinctiveness.

7. Ananya - "Unique" or "peerless," representing exclusivity and distinctiveness.

8.  Anika - "Goddess Durga" or "grace," symbolizing strength and gracefulness.

9. Anvi - "Goddess of forests" or "earth," associated with nature and abundance.

10. Aaravi - "Peaceful" or "melodious," symbolizing tranquility and harmony.

11.  Aarna - "Goddess Lakshmi" or "ocean," representing abundance and prosperity.

12.  Aahana - "Inner light" or "first rays of the sun," symbolizing enlightenment.

13.  Aarini - "Adventurous" or "courageous," representing boldness and bravery.

14. Aalia - Aalia - "Exalted" or "sublime" - signifies high status or nobility, representing dignity and honor.

15. Aadhya - "First power" or "primeval," denoting strength and significance.

16.  Aditi - "Mother of all gods" or "limitless," symbolizing boundless nature.

17. Avni - "Earth" or "goddess of the earth," representing stability and grounding.

18. Alisha - "Protected by God" or "noble" - symbolizes divine care and virtue, reflecting strength and divine guidance.

19. Aarvi - "Peaceful" or "bringer of peace," symbolizing tranquility and calmness.

20.  Ayesha - "Alive" or "vibrant," signifying vitality and liveliness.

21.  Akshara - Akshara - "Imperishable" or "eternal" - denotes everlasting qualities, often associated with divine attributes and timeless nature.

22. Amaira - "Eternal" or "everlasting," symbolizing infinite nature.

23. Anisha - "Night" or "one who has no darkness," signifying brightness.

24. Anaya - "Caring" or "compassionate," representing kindness and empathy.

25. Anushka - "Graceful" or "elegant," symbolizing beauty and charm.

26.  Arya - "Noble" or "honorable," denoting dignity and respect.

27. Aarushi - "First ray of the sun" or "dawn," symbolizing new beginnings.

28. Aashiya - "Smile" or "laughter," representing joy and happiness.

29.  Anshika - "Part" or "portion," signifying belonging and connection.

30.  Avisha - "Gift of God" or "divine grace," symbolizing blessings from above.


B Letter Names

31. Bhavya - It means "grand," "magnificent," or "splendid."

32. Bhumi - It means "earth" or "land."

33. Bhavika - It means "well-behaved" or "virtuous."

34. Bhavna - It means "feelings" or "emotions."

35. Bhuvika - It means "heavenly" or "divine."

36. Bhavisha - It means "future" or "destiny."

37. Bhaviksha - It means "charitable" or "benevolent."

38. Bhavpreet - It means "love for feelings" or "affectionate."

39. Bhumika - It means "role" or "character" (as in a play or movie).


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C Letter Names

40. Chaya - It means "shadow" or "shade."

41. Charvi - It means "beautiful" or "charming."

42. Charul - It means "beautiful" or "graceful."

43. Chahat - It means "desire" or "wish."

44. Charu - It means "beautiful" or "attractive."

45. Chaitali - It means "born in the month of Chaitra" (the first month of the Hindu lunar calendar).

46. Charika - It means "beautiful" or "charming."

47. Chavi - It means "reflection" or "image."

48. Chhavi - It means "reflection" or "appearance."

49. Chetna - It means "consciousness" or "awareness."

50. Chaitra - It is the name of a month in the Hindu calendar, symbolizing the beginning of the new year.


D Letter Names

51. Diya - Symbol of light, often associated with brightness and positivity.

52. Dhriti - Steadfastness, determination, and courage.

53. Darshini - One who sees the truth, typically associated with clarity of vision.

54. Devanshi - Divine gift or blessing from the gods.

55. Disha - Direction or path, symbolizing guidance and purpose.

56. Drishti - Vision or viewpoint, symbolizing insight and perception.

57. Deepika - Lamp or light, representing illumination and knowledge.

58. Devyani - Divine goddess, often symbolizing devotion and spirituality.

59. Diksha - Initiation or consecration, representing commitment to a spiritual path.

60. Divisha - Divine presence, symbolizing the essence of godliness.

61. Darshita - Manifestation or appearance, symbolizing clarity and revelation.

62. Dayita - Beloved or cherished one, expressing affection and endearment.

63. Devanshika - A part of the divine, reflecting connection to the spiritual realm.

64. Devangi - A part of the divine body, representing beauty and grace.

65. Devina - Divine, heavenly, symbolizing purity and holiness.

66. Daksha - Skillful or competent, often associated with capability and talent.

67. Dharini - Earth, representing stability and grounding.

68. Deetya - Worshiped or revered, symbolizing devotion and reverence.

69. Dhanvi - Wealthy or prosperous, often associated with abundance and fortune.

70. Deeksha - Initiation or dedication, representing commitment to a cause or practice.

71. Dipti - Radiance or brilliance, symbolizing brightness and splendor.

72. Dhruti - Courage or resilience, representing strength of character.

73. Dwisha - Desire or longing, often associated with ambition and aspiration.

74. Dhanya - Blessed or fortunate, symbolizing gratitude and abundance.

75. Druhi - Passionate or intense, often associated with fervor and enthusiasm.

76. Dikshita - Initiated or consecrated, reflecting commitment to spiritual growth.


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E Letter Names

77. Esha - Esha means "desire" or "wish" and represents aspirations and longing.

78. Ekta - Ekta signifies "unity" and "oneness," symbolizing harmony and togetherness.

79. Eshika - Eshika refers to "an arrow," representing precision, focus, and determination.

80. Eshita - Eshita means "desired" or "beloved," reflecting someone cherished and loved.

81. Ekisha - Ekisha signifies "one goddess," embodying the divine feminine energy and power.

82. Eshana - Eshana means "search" or "quest," symbolizing a journey of exploration and discovery.

83. Eesha - Eesha represents "goddess Parvati" or "divine strength," embodying feminine power and grace.

84. Eshani - Eshani refers to "goddess Parvati" or "lord Shiva's wife," symbolizing strength and devotion.


F Letter Names

85. Falak - Falak means "heaven" or "sky" in Sanskrit, symbolizing vastness and infinite possibilities.

86. Falguni - Falguni refers to the Hindu month of Falgun, associated with spring and the festival of colors (Holi), symbolizing vibrancy and renewal.


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G Letter Names

87. Grishma - Grishma signifies "summer" in Sanskrit, representing warmth and vitality.

88. Gunjan - Gunjan means "humming" or "buzzing," symbolizing musicality and harmony.

89. Geetika - Geetika refers to "a small song" or "melody," symbolizing musical talent and creativity.

90. Garima - Garima means "dignity" or "grace," representing poise and elegance.

91. Gurleen - Gurleen signifies "absorbed in the Guru" or "imbued with the Guru's divine grace," reflecting spiritual devotion.

92. Gaurika - Gaurika means "belonging to Gauri" or "an epithet of Parvati," symbolizing femininity and strength.

93. Gopika - Gopika refers to "a cowherd girl" or "a devotee of Lord Krishna," symbolizing devotion and simplicity.

94. Garvita - Garvita means "proud" or "full of pride," reflecting self-confidence and dignity.

95. Greeshma - Greeshma signifies "summer" or "warmth," symbolizing the intensity of the summer season.

96. Geethika - Geethika refers to "a small song" or "a poetic composition," representing artistic expression and creativity.

97. Gayani - Gayani signifies "knowledgeable" or "wise," reflecting intellectual prowess and wisdom.

98. Gunika - Gunika means "virtuous" or "filled with good qualities," symbolizing goodness and righteousness.

99. Gauranshi - Gauranshi signifies "a part of Gauri" or "divine beauty," symbolizing grace and divine presence.

100. Girisha - Girisha refers to "the lord of the mountains" or "Lord Shiva," symbolizing strength and stability.

101. Gaganpreet - Gaganpreet means "love for the sky" or "affectionate towards the heavens," reflecting a connection to the divine or a love for nature.


H Letter Names

102. Hiral - Hiral means "diamond" in Gujarati, symbolizing rarity, strength, and brilliance.

103. Hina - Hina refers to the "henna plant" or "fragrance," symbolizing beauty and grace.

104. Harini - Harini signifies "deer" in Sanskrit, representing elegance, agility, and gentleness.

105. Harsha - Harsha means "joy" or "happiness," symbolizing cheerful and jubilant nature.

106. Harshita - Harshita means "joyful" or "delighted," representing someone who brings happiness and positivity.

107. Hemani - Hemani signifies "belonging to gold" or "golden," symbolizing preciousness and value.

108. Hanisha - Hanisha means "night" or "darkness," symbolizing tranquility and serenity.

109. Hemangi - Hemangi refers to "golden-bodied" or "golden-limbed," symbolizing beauty and radiance.

110. Hemanya - Hemanya signifies "golden" or "made of gold," representing preciousness and purity.

111. Harshika - Harshika means "full of joy" or "cheerful," symbolizing happiness and exuberance.

112. Hetal - Hetal means "friendly" or "affectionate," symbolizing warmth and amiability.

113. Hritika - Hritika refers to "truthful" or "sincere," symbolizing honesty and integrity.


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I Letter Names

114. Ishika - Meaning "paintbrush" or "ray of light," Ishika symbolizes creativity and brightness.

115. Isha - Signifying "divine," Isha represents the divine essence or supreme goddess.

116. Inaya - Derived from Arabic, Inaya translates to "care," "protection," or "concern," embodying a nurturing and protective nature.

117. Ishita - Reflecting "desire" or "superior," Ishita represents ambition, determination, and strength.

118. Ishana - Denoting "ruler" or "supreme," Ishana signifies leadership, authority, and sovereignty.

119. Ishaani - Derived from "Isha," Ishaani signifies "goddess" or "queen," symbolizing divine femininity and regal elegance.

120. Ilakshi - Meaning "goddess of the eye," Ilakshi symbolizes beauty, vision, and insight.

121. Ishmit - Combining "Ish" (god) and "mit" (friend), Ishmit signifies "friend of God," embodying divine companionship and devotion.


M Letter Names

122. Jiya - Meaning "life" or "heart," Jiya signifies vitality, energy, and the essence of existence.

123. Jhanvi - Derived from the name of the river Ganga, Jhanvi represents purity, auspiciousness, and the flow of life.

124. Jyoti - Signifying "light" or "radiance," Jyoti symbolizes illumination, enlightenment, and spiritual brilliance.

125. Janvi - Another name for the river Ganga, Janvi embodies purity, sacredness, and the divine feminine.

126. Jasmine - Named after the fragrant flower, Jasmine signifies sweetness, grace, and elegance.

127. Juhi - Derived from the Juhi flower, Juhi represents purity, innocence, and delicate beauty.

128. Jia - Meaning "heart" or "sweetheart," Jia symbolizes affection, love, and endearment.

129. Jhalak - Signifying "glimpse" or "sparkle," Jhalak represents a moment of brightness, charm, or inspiration.

130. Jinal - Derived from "jin" (conqueror), Jinal signifies victory, strength, and triumph over obstacles.

131. Jivika: - Meaning "livelihood" or "source of life," Jivika represents sustenance, prosperity, and the essence of existence.

132. Janika - A variant of Janaki, Janika signifies devotion, purity, and the qualities of Goddess Sita.

133. Jigyasa - Signifying "curiosity" or "inquiry," Jigyasa represents a thirst for knowledge, exploration, and learning.

134. Jivisha - Derived from "jiva" (life), Jivisha signifies the essence of life, vitality, and the spark of existence.

135. Jivanti - Meaning "lively" or "vibrant," Jivanti embodies energy, enthusiasm, and the zest for life.

136. Jeevika - Signifying "livelihood" or "source of life," Jeevika represents sustenance, prosperity, and the means of living.

137. Jivanshi - Derived from "jivan" (life), Jivanshi signifies a part or essence of life, symbolizing vitality and existence.

138. Jiana - Meaning "knowledgeable" or "wise," Jiana represents intelligence, wisdom, and profound understanding.

139. Janisha - Signifying "inspiration" or "motivation," Janisha represents the spark or catalyst for action and achievement.

140. Jagrati - Derived from "jagrut" (awake), Jagrati signifies wakefulness, awareness, and consciousness.

141. Jagruti - Meaning "awareness" or "awakening," Jagruti represents enlightenment, consciousness, and spiritual awakening.

142. Jaisvi - Signifying "victorious" or "triumphant," Jaisvi represents success, achievement, and glory.

143. Jishita - Derived from "jishnu" (victorious), Jishita signifies victory, triumph, and overcoming challenges.

144. Jivanti - Meaning "lively" or "vibrant," Jivanti embodies energy, enthusiasm, and the zest for life.

145. Jasmit - Signifying "splendid smile" or "radiant happiness," Jasmit represents joy, cheerfulness, and infectious positivity.


K Letter Names

146. Kashvi - Divine glow or Radiant; a name that signifies brightness and divine aura.

147. Kavya - Poetry or Literary work; a name associated with creativity and expression through words.

148 Kiara - Dark-haired or Little dark one; a name implying beauty and charm, especially for those with dark hair.

149 Khushi - Happiness or Joy; a name representing cheerfulness and bliss.

150. Kanika - A small particle or Atom; a name symbolizing the importance of even the smallest things in life.

151. Kirti - Fame or Glory; a name that suggests honor and recognition.

152. Keya - Flower or Monsoon flower; a name linked with nature and beauty, particularly the monsoon season.

153. Karina - Pure or Beloved; a name expressing purity and endearment.

154. Krisha - Divine or Divine beauty; a name representing godliness or exquisite beauty.

155. Kriti - Creation or Artwork; a name associated with creativity and artistic endeavors.

156. Kashish -  Attraction or Charm; a name signifying magnetic allure and appeal.

157. Kamya - Desirable or Lovable; a name indicating someone who is cherished and sought after.

158. Kanak - Gold or Wealth; a name representing prosperity and richness.

159. Kritika - Star or Constellation; a name symbolizing brightness and guidance.

160. Kavyanshi - Divine or Inspired by poetry; a name reflecting divine inspiration, especially from poetry.

161. Kajal - "Kajal" is a Hindi name that refers to a type of eyeliner traditionally made from soot. It's also used as a girl's name, symbolizing beauty and charm.

162. Kaira - Peaceful or Unique; a name suggesting serenity and individuality.

163. Kinjal - "Kinjal" is a Hindi name that signifies "riverbank" or "bank of a river." It's often used as a girl's name, reflecting natural beauty and serenity.

164. Kashika - Shining or Radiant; a name representing brilliance and luminosity.

165. Kavisha - Goddess Saraswati or The Lord of poets; a name symbolizing divine wisdom and creativity, often associated with Goddess Saraswati.

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L Letter Names

166. Lavanya - "Grace and elegance; beauty personified."

167. Lisha - "A combination of Lila (play) and Isha (goddess); playful goddess."

168. Lavina - "A variant of Lavinia; symbolizing purity and innocence."

169. Latika - "A small, delicate flower; symbol of beauty and grace."

170. Leela - "Divine play; joyful and creative expression."

171. Lipika - "An inscription or letter; conveying thoughts and ideas."

172. Lekisha - "A harmonious blend of Lekha (writing) and Aisha (alive); vibrant writer."

173. Lavisha - "Symbolizing joy and happiness; cheerful and lively."

174. Lina - "Delicate and tender; gentle and compassionate."

175. Lavya - "Divine and graceful; symbol of purity and serenity."

176. Lavani - "A traditional Maharashtrian dance form; vibrant and expressive."

177. Lavanya - "Radiant and enchanting; epitome of beauty and charm."

178. Lisha - "Derived from Alisha; meaning protected by god."

179. Lakshita - "Distinguished and marked; noticeable and unique."


M Letter Names

180. Mahi - A beloved name meaning "the Earth" or "the great one."

181. Meera - A name symbolizing love, compassion, and devotion to Lord Krishna.

182. Myra - A modern name meaning "sweet" or "fragrant."

183. Muskaan - A cheerful name representing "smile" or "happiness."

184. Manvi - A traditional name signifying "knowledge" or "wisdom."

185. Mishka - A unique name meaning "gift of love" or "like an angel."

186. Mahika - A divine name denoting "one who is like a goddess."

187. Mahira - A radiant name representing "the sun" or "brilliance."

188. Mahima - A name signifying "greatness" or "divine glory."

189. Mannat - A prayerful name symbolizing "wish" or "desire."


N Letter Names

190. Nisha - Meaning "night," representing the beauty and serenity of darkness.

191. Naina - Symbolizing "eyes," often associated with charm and perception.

192. Neha - A name meaning "love" or "affection," often associated with kindness.

193. Natasha - Denoting "born on Christmas," reflecting joy and festivity.

194. Navya - Signifying "new" or "modern," representing freshness and innovation.

195. Nitya - Meaning "eternal" or "everlasting," symbolizing continuity and constancy.

196. Niharika - A name representing "dawn" or "first light," symbolizing new beginnings.

197. Nirali - Denoting "unique" or "special," reflecting individuality and distinctiveness.

198. Nandini - Symbolizing "daughter" or "delightful," representing happiness and joy.

199. Nidhi - Meaning "treasure" or "wealth," symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

200. Nikita - Denoting "unconquered" or "victorious," representing strength and resilience.

201. Neelam - Signifying "sapphire" or "blue gemstone," reflecting beauty and rarity.

202. Nirvi - Denoting "blissful" or "happy," symbolizing contentment and peace.

203. Naisha - A name symbolizing "special" or "unique," reflecting individuality.

204. Nupur - Denoting "anklet" or "ornament," symbolizing beauty and grace.

205. Nitya - Meaning "eternal" or "constant," representing everlasting qualities.

206. Noor - "Noor" signifies 'light' or 'radiance', representing illumination and purity

207. Naira - "Naira" denotes 'shining' or 'bright', symbolizing beauty and positivity.


O Letter Names

208. Ojaswi - Radiant or full of brightness and energy.

209.  Oviya - Artistic or creative; also means a beautiful drawing.

210.  Ovi - Sacred or divine; also refers to a sacred hymn or chant.

211. Omisha - Goddess of birth and death; also signifies life and transformation.

212. Oshin - A ray of light; also represents clarity and illumination.

213. Omika - Little world or the universe; also symbolizes completeness and wholeness.

214. Omaira - Princess or leader; also denotes strength and nobility.

215. Oorvashi - Celestial nymph in Hindu mythology; also signifies beauty and grace.


P  Letter Names

216. Pari - Fairy; Angel

217. Pihu - Sweet Sound; Peacock

218. Preeti - Love; Affection; Bonding

219. Priya - Beloved; Loved one

220.  Palak - Eyelash; Blink of an eye

221. Pranjal - Honest; Respectful

222. Paridhi - Limit; Boundary; Realm

223. Pranavi - Goddess Parvati; First; Goddess Saraswati

224. Praniti - Modesty; Wisdom; Thought

225. Pragati - Progress; Development; Growth

226. Pranita - Promoted; Leader; Wise

227. Parina - Fairy; Female of the Sea

228. Purnima - Full Moon; Full-moon night

229. Priyanka - Beautiful; Loved one; Beloved

230. Pragya - Wisdom; Intelligence; Knowledge

231. Prisha - Talent given by God; Beloved; Loving

232. Pratiksha - Waiting; Hope; Expectation

233. Parnika - Small leaf; A Creeper

234. Priyal - Beloved; One loved by all

235. Parul - Graceful; Flowery

236. Priyanshi - Loved one; Dear; Beloved

237. Priyam - Loved one; Beloved

238. Parineeta - Married Woman; Married; Spouse

239. Prakriti - Nature; Beautiful

240 Prapti - Achievement; Gain

241. Pavitra - Pure; Sacred; Holy

242. Pranjali - Respectful greeting

243. Prithika - Beloved; Love

244. Prabha - Shine; Light; Glow


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R Letter Names

245. Radha - Beloved of Lord Krishna; Prosperity

246. Riya - Singer; Graceful

247. Riddhi - Prosperity; Wealth

248. Rhea - Stream; Earth; Flow

249. Raina - Beautiful queen; Night; Melody

250. Ruchi - Interest; Desire; Taste

251. Roshni - Light; Brightness

252. Reema - Goddess Durga; White antelope

253. Ritu - Season; Period

254. Revati - Star; Wife of Balarama

255. Riddhima - Blessed; Prosperous

256. Rupal - Beautiful; Made of silver

257. Rajvi - Royal; Princess

258. Radha - Beloved of Lord Krishna; Prosperity

259. Riya - Singer; Graceful

260 Riddhi - Prosperity; Wealth

261. Rhea - Stream; Earth; Flow

262. Raina - Beautiful queen; Night; Melody

263. Ruchi - Interest; Desire; Taste

264. Roshni - Light; Brightness

265. Reema - Goddess Durga; White antelope

266. Ritu - Season; Period

267. Revati - Star; Wife of Balarama

268. Riddhima - Blessed; Prosperous

269. Rupal - Beautiful; Made of silver

270. Rajvi - Royal; Princess

271. Rani - Queen; Feminine form of Raja

272. Ruma - Wife of Sugriva; Daughter of Bali

273. Reeti - Tradition; Behavior; Tradition

274. Raksha - Protection; To protect

275. Rupali - Beautiful; Pretty

276. Rashi - Collection of wealth; Sign of zodiac

277. Rihana - Sweet basil; Sweet smelling plant

278. Rithika - Truthful; Of brass

279. Radhika - Successful; Prosperous; Lover of Lord Krishna

280. Rima - White antelope; Goddess Durga

281. Ruhani - Spiritual; Sacred


S Letter Names

282. Saanvi - Goddess Lakshmi; Glowing; Pleasant

283.Siya - Goddess Sita; Moonlight

284. Samaira - Enchanting; Protected by God

285. Sara - Noble lady; Precious; Pure

286. Shanaya - First ray of the sun; Intelligent

287. Saisha - Meaningful; Truth of life

288. Swara - Musical notes; Melody

289. Shivani - Goddess Parvati; Wife of Lord Shiva

290. Sneha - Affection; Love; Friendship

291. Sakshi - Witness; A name of Goddess Durga

292. Sia - One who brings joy; Graceful

293. Saumya - Soft natured; Mild; Gentle

294. Sanya - Unique; Caring; Radiant

295. Shruti - Knowledge; Hearing; Musical notes

296. Suhana - Beautiful; Pleasant

297. Surbhi - Fragrance; Beauty; Wish-yielding cow

298. Shreya - Auspicious; Fortunate; Good

299. Saanika - Goddess Lakshmi; Durga

300. Saira - Princess; Beautiful; Happy

301. Sachi - Grace; Beloved; Wife of Lord Indra

302. Samiksha - Analysis; Examination

303. Saisha - Meaningful; Truth of life

304. Sarika - Songbird; Koel

305. Shalini - Modest; Courteous; Beautiful

306. Shloka - Verse; Hymn; Song; Prayer

307. Simran - Meditation; Remembrance

308. Smriti - Memory; Recollection

309. Sanya - Unique; Caring; Radiant

310. Suhani - Beautiful; Pleasant

311. Swara - Musical notes; Melody

312. Shivali - Beloved of Lord Shiva; Religious

313. Shivika - Goddess Parvati; Palanquin


T Letter Names

314. Tanvi - Delicate; Goddess of beauty; Slender

315. Tanya - Of the family; Born on a Monday

316. Trisha - Thirst; Desire; Noblewoman

317. Tara - Star; Goddess of knowledge; Hill

318. Tiara - Crown; Royalty; Ornamental headpiece

319. Tanisha - Ambition; Fulfillment; Desire

320. Twisha - Brightness; Sunbeam; Life

321. Tia - Goddess; Aunt; Princess

322. Tanishi - Goddess of gold; Serpent

323. Tithi - Date; Time; Auspicious day in the lunar calendar

324. Tamanna - Wish; Desire; Longing

325. Tisha - Joy; Happiness; Survivor

326. Tejal - Lustrous; Bright; Radiant

327. Tripti - Satisfaction; Contentment; Joy

328. Tista - A river; Cool; Fresh

329. Twinkle - Sparkling; Glittering; Star

330. Tanuja - Daughter

331. Tanvee - Delicate; Slender

332. Tanishka - Goddess of gold; Daughter


U Letter Names

333. Urvashi - A celestial maiden; A character from Hindu mythology

334. Urmila - Wife of Lakshmana; Daughter of King Janaka

335. Umika - Goddess Parvati; Goddess of speech

336. Urvi - Earth; Prithvi

337. Unnati - Progress; Elevation; Rise

338. Urja - Energy; Power; Strength

339. Upasana - Worship; Devotion

340. Urmika - Small wave; Turbulent; Restless

341. Urmi - Wave; Mother earth


V Letter Names

342.  Vaishnavi - Devotee of Lord Vishnu; Goddess Parvati

343. Vedika - Altar; A sacred place; Knowledge

344. Vanya - Forest; Grace of God

345. Vidhi - Fate; Destiny; Ritual

346. Varsha - Rain; Blessing; Year

347. Vaishali - Prosperous; Beautiful; An ancient city

348. Vanshika - Flute; Lovely; Ancestry

349. Vrinda - Basil; Radha; Holy; Sacred

350. Vaidehi - Sita; Daughter of Videha

351. Vibha - Light; Radiance; Goddess Lakshmi

352.  Vrinda - Basil; Radha; Holy; Sacred

353. Vibha - Light; Radiance; Goddess Lakshmi

354. Vanya - Forest; Grace of God

355.  Vidhi - Fate; Destiny; Ritual

356. Varsha - Rain; Blessing; Year

357. Vaishali - Prosperous; Beautiful; An ancient city

358. Vedika - Altar; A sacred place; Knowledge

359. Vanshika - Flute; Lovely; Ancestry

360. Vrinda - Basil; Radha; Holy; Sacred

361. Vaidehi - Sita; Daughter of Videha

362. Vibha - Light; Radiance; Goddess Lakshmi

363. Vanya - Forest; Grace of God

364. Vedika - Altar; A sacred place; Knowledge

365. Vidhi - Fate; Destiny; Ritual


W Letter Names

366. Wamika - Goddess Durga Meaning: Wamika is associated with the powerful Goddess Durga, symbolizing strength, courage, and protection.

367. Warisha - Grace; Elegance

368. Waliya - Princess; Guardian; Protector

369. Warisha - Grace; Elegance


Y Letter Names

370. Yashika - Success; Glory

371. Yashvi - Fame; Victory

372. Yashi - Successful; Glorious

373. Yashita - Fame; Successful

374. Yana - Precious to God; Gracious

375. Yashi - Successful; Glorious

376. Yashmita - Always successful

377. Yashna - Prayer; A sacred offering

378. Yashasvi - Renowned; Famous

379. Yuvika - Young woman; Maiden

380. Yogita - A Sanskrit name meaning "one who is skilled" or "accomplished," symbolizing capability and proficiency.



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