20+ Tricky Riddles For Adults | Tricky Riddles With Answers

Welcome to the world of tricky riddles! These puzzles are like brain games that make you think in a special way. At first, they might look confusing, but if you use your imagination and think carefully, you can solve them. So, let's start this fun adventure of riddles and see if you can figure them out!



1.How do you fix a cracked pumpkin?

Answer: With a pumpkin patch.


2.If your uncle’s sister is not your aunt, what relation is she to you?

Answer: Your mother.


3. How can you throw a ball as hard as you can only to have it come back to you without it bouncing off of anything?

Answer: Throw the ball straight into the air.


4.I am the beginning of the end of time and space that surrounds everything and every place. 

Answer: The letter “E”.


5.What has only two words, but thousands of letters?

Answer: A Post Office.





6.What English word retains the same pronunciation, even after you take away four of its five letters?

Answer: Queue.


7.The person who makes it and the person who buys it have no use for it and the person who uses it never sees it or feels it. What is it?

Answer: Coffin.


8.Three playing cards in a row. Can you name them with these clues? There is a two to the right of a king. A diamond will be found to the left of a spade. An ace is to the left of a heart. A heart is to the left of a spade. Now, identify all three cards.

Answer: Ace of Diamonds, King of Hearts, Two of Spades.


9.I am four times as old as my daughter. In 20 years time I shall be twice as old as her. How old are we now?

Answer: I am 40 and my daughter is 10.


10.What two whole, positive numbers have a one-digit answer when multiplied and a two-digit answer when added?

Answer: 1 and 9.





11.The 22nd and 24th presidents of the United States of America had the same parents but were not brothers. How can this be possible?

Answer: They were the same man—Grover Cleveland


12.Riya has four daughters, and each of her daughters has a brother. How many children does Riya have?

Answer: Five—each daughter has the same brother.


13.Mike and Pat are in a desert. They both have packs on. Pat is dead. Mike, who is alive, has his pack open. Pat has his pack closed. What is in the packs?

Answer: Parachutes.


14.What word in the English language uses all five vowels plus Y in alphabetical order, and uses each only once?

Answer: Facetiously


15.A house of wood in a hidden place. Built without nails or glue. High above the earthen ground It holds pale gems of blue.

Answer: Nest




16.A man was robbed at midnight. The value of the items added up to ten thousand dollars When the police checked, there were two copies of the thief standing outside the door. The police arrested the correct one right away. How could they know?

Answer: The thief stole money. It was falling out of his pockets.


17.John has as many sisters as brothers, but each sister has only half as many sisters as brothers. How many brothers and sisters are there in John’s family?

Answer: 4 brothers and 3 sisters.


18.You can hear me, but I have no voice. I don’t last forever, but I will never rot. I was made to protect, but only exist because I failed.

Answer: A seashell.


19.A girl who was just learning to drive went the wrong way down a one-way street, but she didn't break the law. How is this possible?

Answer: Because she was walking.


20.What can bring tears to your eyes, make you move quicker, force you to slow down, and knock you over?

Answer: The wind.


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