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Here are 20+ dirty mind questions and answers. Get ready for some funny, slightly naughty jokes as we explore these playful questions and their witty answers. So, get ready for a good laugh and let's see where your imagination takes you!

dirty mind questions and answers
1. What’s the best part of your body to put into a pie?

Answer: Your Teeth


2. People use their hands to go up and down me, I’m very long and very hard. What am I? 

Answer: A railing


3. I absolutely love holding your buns all day. What am I?

Answer: A hair tie.


4. What’s the biggest thing a man has in his trousers that a lady doesn’t want on her face?



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5. I’m the most fun when you put me in small holes and wiggle me around. What am I?

Answer: A Q-tip.


6. What do newly married couples get on their wedding day that’s long and sometimes hard?

Answer: A new last name.


7. Set me to vibrate when you want some alone time. What am I?

Answer: Cell phone.


8. I can be short or long, I bring people great joy and you can have multiple at the same time. What am I?

Answer: Tweets.


9. Stick something long and hard inside me and see me get bigger until the job is done. What am I?

Answer: A tent.


10. I am clean when you wash me and dirty when you don’t. People rub me and shake me sometimes. What am I?

Answer: Hands


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11.What gets bigger the more you take out?

Answer: A hole


12. I fit perfectly between b0obs, get longer when you pull on me and slide neatly into small holes. What am I?

Answer: A seatbelt.


13. Cut me regularly or, if you want to be selfish, get someone to do it for you before it gets prickly. What am I?

Answer: The lawn.


14. I can be seen at home or with a huge public screen. I begin with P and end in O-R-N. What am I?

Answer: Popcorn.


15. Doesn’t matter what room we are in, you can always spread me. What am I?

Answer: Butter


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16.You’ll find me on a peak, I am sometimes small and sometimes big, sometimes pointy. What am I?

Answer: A nipple


17. Why is a happy sex life like a good steak?

Answer: It’s rare.


18. What can turn an “oooh” into an “Aaah”?

Answer: About three inches 


19. What is the difference between what’s inside a man’s pants and what’s inside a woman’s pants?

Answer: The tag and how sizes are measured


20. What’s soft and instantly melts in your mouth but feels sticky when it drips on your hand?

Answer: Ice-cream




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