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Here are 40+ Earth riddles for you to explore! These fun brain teasers will make you think about our planet in a whole new way. From its layers to its natural phenomena, these earth riddles will challenge your imagination and knowledge about the Earth. Let's dive into the world of Earth riddles and see if you can uncover the answers to these mysteries!

earth riddles to test your knowledge

1. I'm the layer of the Earth's atmosphere closest to the surface. What am I?

Answer: Troposphere.


2. I'm a layer of solid rock that forms Earth's outer shell. What am I?

Answer: The crust.


3. I'm the giant body of water that covers most of Earth's surface. What am I?

Answer: The ocean.


4. I'm the layer of Earth's atmosphere that protects us from the sun's harmful rays. What am I?

Answer: The ozone layer.


5. I'm a layer of gases that protects the Earth from the vacuum of space. What am I?

Answer: The troposphere


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6. I'm the natural event that occurs when Earth's tectonic plates move against each other. What am I?

Answer: Earthquake.


7. I'm a natural satellite of Earth, visible only during certain phases. What am I?

Answer: The Moon.


8. I'm the planet we call home, where life thrives. What am I?

Answer: Earth.


9. I am the path Earth takes as it orbits the Sun. What am I?

Answer: Orbit.


10. I am the spinning motion of Earth on its axis. What am I?

Answer: Rotation.


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11. I'm the largest continent on Earth. What am I?

Answer: Asia.


12. I'm the deepest ocean trench on Earth. What am I?

Answer: Mariana Trench.


13. I'm a large landmass that rises above Earth's surface. What am I?

Answer: Mountain.


14. I'm the only planet where the force of gravity allows water to exist in all three states: solid, liquid, and gas. What am I?

Answer: Earth.


15. I'm the process by which water returns to the Earth's surface as rain, snow, or hail. What am I?

Answer: Precipitation.


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16. I'm the layer of soil that supports plant life on Earth. What am I?

Answer: Topsoil.


17. I'm a deep crack in the Earth's crust, often formed by tectonic activity. What am I?

Answer: Fault.


18. I'm the layer of Earth's atmosphere where satellites orbit. What am I?

Answer: The exosphere.


19. I'm the layer of Earth where you can find the Earth's magnetic field. What am I?

Answer: Outer core.


20. I'm a force that pulls objects toward the Earth's center. What am I?

Answer: Gravity.


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