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Here are 80+ fruit riddles to tickle your brain and sweeten your day. 🍍 From the crisp bite of apples to the tangy zest of lemons, we're exploring the colorful world of fruits. 🍒 Can you crack these fruity mysteries and uncover the juicy answers? 🍐 Grab a slice of fun and let's dive into this delicious adventure together! 🥭


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1. I am a fruit that is always sad. What am I?

Answer: A blueberry.


2. I am something yellow but not light. A citrus fruit that’s a flavor in Sprite. What am I? 

Answer: A lemon.


3. I am a fruit that can be used to sip water. What am I?

Answer: A strawberry.


4. I’m made of two words combined and I go on pizzas from Hawaii. What am I?

 Answer: A pineapple.


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5. I can be red or green and I grow on a vine. I’m dried to make raisins, or squeezed to make wine. What am I? 

Answer: Grapes.


6. I’m a fruit that lies a lot. What am I? 

Answer: A lychee.


7. I am the father of all fruits. What am I? 

Answer: A Papaya.


8. Strip the skin under my skin, and my flesh you’ll reveal. It tastes sweet and tart, now throw out the peel. What is it?

Answer: Orange


9. I am edible, pink, and a great summer food. What am I? 

Answer: Peach


10. I wear a green jacket on the outside, a white jacket as a second layer, and a red jacket inside. I am pregnant with a lot of babies. What am I? 

Answer: Watermelon


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11.  I’m a fruit that monkeys adore, yellow and sweet; I’m never a bore. What am I?

Answer: Banana


12.  As soft as silk, as white as milk, as bitter as gall, a thick green wall, and a green coat covers me all. What am I?

Answer: Walnut


13. Ketchup’s slightly less popular brother?

Answer: Mustard


14. What traps a star in its belly but can be held in your hand?

Answer: Apple


15.  A little pool with two layers of wall around it. One white and soft and the other dark and hard, amidst a light brown grassy lawn with an outline of green grass. What am I?

 Answer: Coconut


16. I'm purple and round, with a sweet flavor. I'm often eaten fresh or used in desserts. What am I?

Answer: A grape.


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17. I am red and can be sweet or tart, often used in pies and jams. What am I?

Answer: A cherry.


18. I am small, red, and often found in pies and jams. What am I?

Answer: A raspberry.


19. I am tropical, with a prickly skin and sweet-tart flavor. What am I?

Answer: A kiwi.


20. I am yellow and tropical, known for my distinctive shape. What am I?

Answer: A mango.


21. I’m a friendly fruit that likes to meet people. What am I? 

Answer: A date.


22.I’m wrinkled and people treat me in a different way: they chew or pick out and throw away. What am I?

Answer: A raisin.


23. I’m a small ring-shaped fried cake, often with bavarian cream or fruit filling, and sometimes covered in icing and sprinkles?

Answer: Donut


24.  A time when they’re green. A time when they’re brown. But both of these times, cause me to frown. But just in between, for a very short while. They’re perfect and yellow. And cause me to smile?

Answer: Bananas


25. With a crown like a queen and skin tough as leather, my ruby seeds are a tart, juicy treasure. What am I?

Answer: Pomegranate


26. Tiny and round, on bushes I am found, in bunches of blues, my flavor astounds. What am I?

Answer: Blueberry


27. Dark or red, I may be plump, in a fruit salad I add a juicy bump. What am I?

Answer: Plum


28.  Wild or cultivated, I grow on a bush, picked for desserts that give a lush rush. What am I?

Answer: Blackberry


29.  I'm a big citrus, can be bitter or sweet, breakfast often includes my tangy treat. What am I?

Answer: Grapefruit


30.  I'm velvety smooth, not a golden peach, enjoy my sweet flesh that's within reach. What am I?

Answer: Apricot


31. Small and red with a stone inside, when in pairs or on a sundae, I'm a dainty prize. What am I?

Answer: Cherry


32. I'm green outside and green within, a squeeze of me, and you just might grin. What am I?

Answer: Lime


33. In a bush I do hide, ruby red with a white inside, baked in tarts or made into jam, I'm a delight, as sweet as I am. What am I?

Answer: Raspberry




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