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🎉 Get ready for some fun! Here are over 20+  physics puzzles to solve. They're like brain games that make you think about how things move and work in the world around us.  So, get comfy, grab a snack, and let's explore the awesome world of physics together! 🚀

physics puzzles to challenge your mind


1. Puzzle: What is the bending of light as it passes from one medium to another?

Answer: Refraction.


2. Puzzle: What is the SI unit of electric charge?

Answer: Coulomb.


3. Puzzle: What is the formula for density?

Answer: Density = Mass / Volume.


4. Puzzle: What is the term for the rate of change of displacement?

Answer: Velocity.


5. Puzzle: What is the term for the force per unit area exerted by a fluid?

Answer: Pressure.


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6. Puzzle: What is the SI unit of electric current?

Answer: Ampere.


7. Puzzle: What is the SI unit of electric potential difference?

Answer: Volt.


8. Puzzle: What is the acceleration due to gravity on Earth?

Answer: Approximately 9.8 m/s².


9. Puzzle: What is the SI unit of force?

Answer: Newton.


10. Puzzle: Why does an ice cube float in water?

Answer: Ice is less dense than water, so it displaces an amount of water equal to its weight, causing it to float.


11. Puzzle: What is the SI unit of magnetic field strength?

Answer: Tesla (T)


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12. Puzzle: What is the process by which a solid turns directly into a gas without passing through the liquid phase?

Answer: Sublimation


13. Puzzle: What is the formula for calculating gravitational potential energy?

Answer: GPE = mass * gravity * height


14. Puzzle: What is the force that opposes the relative motion of surfaces in contact?

Answer: Friction


15. Puzzle: What is the process of converting thermal energy into mechanical work?

Answer: Heat engine


16. Puzzle: What is the SI unit of work and energy?

Answer: Joule (J)


17. Puzzle: What type of lens converges light rays to a single point?

Answer: Convex lens


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18. Puzzle: What is the term for the point in a system where the mass of an object can be considered to be concentrated for the purposes of calculations?

Answer: Center of mass


19. Puzzle: What phenomenon causes the apparent bending of light as it passes through different layers of the Earth's atmosphere?

Answer: Atmospheric refraction


20. Puzzle: What is the term for the product of mass and velocity?

Answer: Momentum


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