100+ Mahabharata Quiz Questions: Test Your Knowledge of this Ancient Epic!

Welcome to our Mahabharata quiz! Get ready to explore one of the greatest stories ever told. The Mahabharata is an ancient tale from India, full of love, battles, and important lessons. In this quiz, we'll ask you questions about the characters, events, and teachings of this amazing epic. Whether you know a lot about the Mahabharata or are just starting to learn, this quiz is for you! Let's dive into the world of the Mahabharata together. Are you excited? Let's begin the adventure!

Question . 31

Who was the mother of Nakula and Sahadeva among the Pandava brothers?

  • Kunti
  • Madri
  • Draupadi
  • Subhadra
Question . 32

Who narrated the Mahabharat to the scribe, Ganesha?

  • Vyasa
  • Krishna
  • Arjuna
  • Bhishma
Question . 33

Who cursed Karna for killing the cow accidentally?

  • Brahmin
  • Rishi Durvasa
  • Rishi Markandeya
  • Rishi Vasishtha
Question . 34

Who was the wife of Pandu?

  • Kunti
  • Madri
  • Draupadi
  • Subhadra
Question . 35

Which Pandava had a son named Abhimanyu?

  • Yudhishthira
  • Bhima
  • Arjuna
  • Nakula
Question . 36

Which Pandava was known for his expertise in wielding the mace?

  • Yudhishthira
  • Bhima
  • Arjuna
  • Nakula
Question . 37

What was the name of the bow that Karna possessed in the Mahabharat?

  • Vijaya
  • Gandiva
  • Pinaka
  • Rudra
Question . 38

Which event led to the exile of the Pandavas?

  • Yudhishthira's gambling loss in the game of dice.
  • Bhima's accidental killing of Kichaka.
  • Draupadi's insult in the court.
  • Arjuna's defiance of Karna.
Question . 39

Who was the guru of Dronacharya?

  • Parashurama
  • Brihaspati
  • Vishwamitra
  • Vashishta
Question . 40

What was the name of the princess Arjuna married after winning the swayamvara?

  • Draupadi
  • Subhadra
  • Uttara
  • Chitrangada
Question . 41

What was the name of the celestial bird that tried to protect its eggs during the Kurukshetra War?

  • Garuda
  • Jatayu
  • Suparna
  • Krauncha
Question . 42

What was the name of the demon who disguised himself as Kunti and asked Bhima for food?

  • Hidimba
  • Baka
  • Bakasura
  • Vyasa
Question . 43

What was the name of the kingdom ruled by King Virata, where the Pandavas spent their last year of exile incognito?

  • Hastinapur
  • Kuru
  • Matsya
  • Panchala
Question . 44

What was the name of the poison that was mixed in Bhima's food during his childhood?

  • Kalkut
  • Vishamitra
  • Vatsaprita
  • Vishalyakarani
Question . 45

What was the name of the weapon used by Bhishma Pitamaha?

  • Brahmastra
  • Sudarshana Chakra
  • Pashupatastra
  • BrahmaShirastra