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  • Town of Kaysville to the town of Lynnville-Riddle


    Scientist Bhool Bhulaiya and Sanjana were on vacation and driving along a deserted country road from the town of Kaysville to the town of Lynnville. They came to multiple forks on the road. The sign post had been knocked down and they were faced with choosing one of five different directions. Since they had left their map at the last gas station and there was no one around to ask, how could Bhool Bhulaiya and Sanjana find their way to Lynnville?

      They need to stand the signpost up so that the arm reading Kaysville points in the direction of Kaysville, the town they had just come from. With one arm pointing the correct way, the other arms will also point in the right direction.

    Mindyourlogic Riddle:  Answer:
    Town of Kaysville to the town of Lynnville-Riddle