River Crossing Puzzle | Farmer, Goat, Wolf and Cabbage Cross A River Answer

Welcome to a fun river crossing puzzle! Imagine there's a farmer, a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage on one side of the river, and they need to get to the other side. Sounds easy, right? But there's a twist - the farmer can only take one of them with him in his boat. And if he leaves the wolf with the goat, trouble! The wolf will eat the goat. Same goes for the goat and the cabbage - the goat will chomp down on the cabbage if left alone. Can you help the farmer figure this out?




Rules and Hints:


The farmer always needs to be with the boat to drive it.

The boat can only carry one extra passenger beside the farmer.

No leaving the wolf alone with the goat, and no leaving the goat alone with the cabbage.



Your task is to find out how many trips the farmer needs to get everyone safely across the river, making sure nothing gets eaten!



Let's break it down into steps anyone can follow:


Step 1: The farmer takes the goat across the river and leaves it there. Then, he goes back alone.




Step 2: This time, the farmer takes the cabbage across the river and leaves it there. But he takes the goat back to the starting side with him.



Step 3: The farmer takes the wolf across the river and leaves it there. He returns alone again.



Step 4: In the final step, the farmer takes the goat across the river one more time.



Now, everybody's safely on the other side, and nobody got eaten! The farmer made a total of four trips.


Great job! You've successfully solved this tricky river crossing puzzle. It shows that with some thinking and planning, even the trickiest problems can be solved. Stay tuned for more fun puzzles and challenges in the future!

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