Matchstick puzzles with answers to improve your brain.

We have to move one matchstick puzzles with answers, move 2 matchstick puzzles, 100+ matchstick equation puzzles, and matchstick puzzles for adults. These matchstick number puzzles will improve your spatial thinking and logical ability.


Move 2 matchsticks to get 5 squares from house

1.Matchstick Puzzles
Move 2 matchsticks to get 5 squares.

      Explanation :

       Move two matchsticks from the roof of the house to the square and place them inside the square in form of a + sign which creates 4 squares inside a square

Roman number 1+11+111=111 Matchstick Puzzle

2.Matchstick Puzzles
	Correct the Equation by Just Moving 1 Matchstick.

      Explanation :

       Move one matchstick from the first + sign to 1 The equation becomes   
      	 II ? II + III = III

Duplicate the Arrow - Matchstick Puzzles

3.Matchstick Puzzles
Move 4 matchstick to make 2 small arrow.

      Explanation :

       Move the pointing sticks of the arrow Downward, which creates
       to smaller triangle
      And two sticks that are attached to the bigger triangle detach them into two smaller triangles the puzzle we get looks like

4 Triangles - Matchstick Puzzles

4.Matchstick Puzzles
 Move Only 1 Matchstick To Make 4 Triangles?

      Explanation :

       Move one matchstick down from the first triangle on the right side which becomes 4 and the other triangle remains the same. So it's look like 4 triangle. 

Move to create 3 triangles-Matchstick Puzzle

5.Matchstick Puzzles
How to move to create 3 triangles from the given 2 triangle ?

      Explanation :

       Move the inner triangle toward the left side. Place it half out and half inside the triangle.

3+9=5 Equation Matchstick Puzzle

7.Matchstick Puzzles
Move just one matchstick to fix the equation.

      Explanation :

       Move one matchstick from 9 to 5, which becomes 3 and 5 respectively. Now, the equation we get is 3*3 = 9

77 - 77 = 77-Matchstick Puzzles

8.Matchstick Puzzles
Move 2 matchsticks to make the equation correct.
Matchstick _Puzzles_77-77=77

      Explanation :

       Take one stick from left hand side 77 and one stick from middle 77 and create + sign in between the middle 77, which becomes 7+1   the correct equation we get 77 - 7 + 1 = 71.

1- 1= 9 - Matchstick Puzzles

9.Matchstick Puzzles
	Move only 2 matchsticks to Correct the wrong equation.

      Explanation :

       Move one stick from 9 to ? sign, which becomes +,
      again move one stick forward from 9, which becomes 2,             
      the correct equation we get is 1 + 1 = 2. 

Roman number matchstick Puzzle

10.Matchstick Puzzles
Can you fix this equation by moving just 1 matchstick?

      Explanation :

       Move one stick from II and make it square root. So we get the correct Equation.

Add 2 sticks to make 3 squares-Matchstick Puzzle

11.Matchstick Puzzles
How to Add 2 matchsticks to make 3 squares ? in following matchstick puzzle ?

      Explanation :

       Add two matchsticks in right bottom corner of the upper square, which form the complete 1 square and shows two squares joining each other as shown in the below image. So, we get 3 squares.

Largest and smallest number from 508 - Matchsticks Puzzle

12.Matchstick Puzzles
Move only two matchstick and find the largest and smallest possible number which can be made from this number.

      Explanation :

       The Largest Number would be 511108. Move two horizontal matchsticks from one of the zeros, as a result, it becomes 11. Then, create 1 between 11 using the matchsticks which were removed to make 111 as shown in the below image.
      The Smallest Number would be -91108. move one from 111 matchsticks as a result it becomes 11. Then, using the two matchsticks which were removed, use one of them to make 9 out of 5 and use the second one for the ?- ?sign in front of 9.

Fix 6 + 4 = 4 By Moving 1 Matchstick Puzzle

13.Matchstick Puzzles
Can you fix this equation by moving just 1 matchstick?

      Explanation :

       Move one matchstick from the + sign to 6, which becomes 8. So, we get the correct equation.

3 Squares in 5 moves-Matchstick Puzzle

14.Matchstick Puzzles
Move 5 matchsticks to have 3 squares. No match should be overlapping or left hanging. Can you solve it ?

      Explanation :

       Move the sticks according to the arrow shown in the below image. So, we get the 3 squares as shown below. 

Make 3 squares in 3 moves- matchstick Puzzle

15.Matchstick Puzzles
How to Solve the Match Stick Puzzle - Move 3 Matches to Make 3 Squares 

      Explanation :

       Move the matchsticks according to the numbering given in the below image. so,we get the final 3 squares.