Find the Perfect Indian Baby Boy Name: A Complete Guide

"Here are some lovely Indian baby boy names for your little one. In India, names are very important and often show what people value or dream about. From Aarav to Yash, each name has a special meaning and is great for your sweet baby boy. Check out here from a letter names to z letter names and find the perfect one to celebrate your baby boy's background and who he is." 


1. Advik : The name "Advik" signifies "unique" or "unparalleled," representing individuality and distinctiveness. 

2. Aahan : Meaning "dawn" or "sunrise" in Sanskrit. 

3. Ayaan : Signifying "gift of God" or "divine grace," Ayaan is a name expressing gratitude and blessings. 

4. Advait : Derived from Sanskrit, meaning "unique" or "one-of-a-kind," reflecting the idea of non-duality in Hindu philosophy. 

5. Ansh : Ansh is of Sanskrit origin, meaning "portion" or "fragment." It suggests a divine aspect or a part of something greater. 

6. Aarit : The name "Aarit" means "remembered" or "cherished." 

7. Aarush : Derived from Sanskrit, meaning "first ray of the sun" or "early morning sunshine," Aarush represents brightness, hope, and new beginnings. 

8. Aahan : The name "Aahan" is of Indian origin, particularly Sanskrit, meaning "dawn" or "sunrise." It symbolizes the beginning of a new day, representing hope, light, and new beginnings. 

9. Ankur : Meaning: Ankur means "sprout" or "new growth" in Sanskrit. It signifies the beginning of something fresh and promising, embodying the idea of potential and development. 

10. Anay - Anay is a name of Indian origin, meaning "gift of God" or "blessing." It symbolizes gratitude and divine favor, representing a precious and cherished gift. 

11. Arush - Derived from Sanskrit, meaning "first ray of the sun" or "early morning sunshine," Arush represents brightness, hope, and new beginnings. 

12. Advay :  In Sanskrit, Advay means unique, outstanding and superior in all areas of life. Picking Advay as a name for your baby boy will be a smart choice.  

13. Aviraj : The name "Aviraj" originates from Sanskrit and signifies "king" or "kingly." It conveys regal qualities and symbolizes leadership, authority, and sovereignty. 

14. Anvit : Looking for an extra-ordinary name for your special one? Anvit is one such option. The name depicts powerful vibes, strength, focus and determination. 

15. Anirudh : Anirudh is a name of Lord Vishnu, meaning "unstoppable" or "immeasurable." 

16. Anish : Anish means "supreme" or "master of the universe," reflecting leadership and authority. 

17. Anshul : Anshul means "radiant" or "bright" in Sanskrit. It reflects positivity and optimism. 

18. Arnav : Arnav translates to "ocean" or "sea" in Sanskrit. It represents vastness and depth.

19. Alok : Alok means "light" or "brightness" in Sanskrit. It's a name associated with illumination, enlightenment, and clarity, often chosen to symbolize spiritual awakening and wisdom. 

20. Aadi : Meaning: Aadi is derived from Sanskrit and means "the beginning" or "the first." It signifies the start of something new and is often chosen to symbolize the importance of origins and new beginnings. 

21. Anmol : Meaning "priceless" or "invaluable," symbolizing something of great worth. 

22. Aryan : Meaning "noble" or "honorable," symbolizing nobility and dignity. 

23. Aditya : Meaning "sun" or "sun god," symbolizing brightness and radiance. 

24. Amit : Meaning "infinite" or "immeasurable," symbolizing boundlessness and vastness. 

25. Aarit : "Remembered" - signifies someone who is cherished or leaves a lasting impression in the hearts of others. 


B Letter Names

26. Bhavin : Meaning "fortunate" or "blessed." 

27. Bhuvik : Meaning "heavenly" or "divine." 

28. Bhavik : Meaning "well-behaved" or "virtuous," Bhavik reflects noble character traits, embodying righteousness and moral integrity. 

29. Bhavesh : Derived from Sanskrit roots meaning "lord of emotions," Bhavesh suggests emotional intelligence and mastery over feelings, indicating inner strength and balance. 

30. Bhargav : The name "Bhargav" translates to "descendant of Bhrigu," symbolizing wisdom and scholarly attributes. 


C Letter Names

31. Charvik : Meaning "intelligent" or "clever." 

32. Chinmay : Signifying "full of consciousness" or "pure-hearted." 

33. Chirag : Denoting "lamp" or "light," often symbolizing illumination or enlightenment. 

34. Chirayu : "Immortal or long-lived" - suggests longevity and vitality, symbolizing a person with a long and healthy life. 


D Letter Names

35. Druv : "Firm or steadfast" - signifies someone who is resolute and unwavering in their beliefs or actions. 

36. Dhruv : "Polestar or constant" - symbolizes someone who is like the Polestar, steady and dependable in guiding others.  

37. Divyanshu : Divyanshu is of Sanskrit origin, meaning "divine light" or "radiant sun." It represents brightness, brilliance, and illumination, symbolizing positivity and enlightenment. 

38. Devang : Devang is of Sanskrit origin, meaning "part of the divine" or "portion of God." It signifies a connection to the divine, spirituality, and reverence towards God.

39. Darshan : Darshan is a name of Sanskrit origin, meaning "vision" or "sight." It symbolizes the act of seeing or being seen by a deity, and it is often associated with religious or spiritual experiences. 

40. Devansh : Devansh is derived from Sanskrit, meaning "part of God" or "divine." It signifies a connection to the divine realm, spirituality, and being a manifestation of the divine essence.

41. Divyansh : "Divine part" - signifies being a fragment of the divine or possessing divine qualities. 

42. Divyam : "Divine" - denotes something or someone with qualities or attributes associated with the divine or godly. 

43.Dhairya : Dhairya is a name of Sanskrit origin, meaning "courage" or "patience." It symbolizes strength, resilience, and the ability to endure hardships with patience and calmness. 

44. Dev : "Divine" - signifies someone with godly qualities or associated with divinity and spirituality. 

45. Daksh : "Skillful or competent" - denotes someone who is talented and proficient in their endeavors. 

46. Darshan : It means "vision" or "sight". It also conveys the idea of "seeing and being seen by a deity" in Hinduism. 

47. Deepak : It means "lamp" or "light". It symbolizes brightness, illumination, and enlightenment. 

48. Dheeraj : It means "patience" or "tolerance". It signifies the quality of being calm, composed, and enduring in difficult situations. 

49. Darsh : Derived from the Sanskrit word "Darshana," it means "vision" or "sight." 

50. Divij : This name is often associated with Lord Indra, meaning "born from the divine." 

51. Devesh : Combining "Deva," meaning "god," and "Ish," meaning "lord," this name signifies "lord of the gods" or "lord Shiva." 


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E Letter Names

52. Eshan : "Lord Shiva" - signifies being associated with the Hindu deity Shiva, symbolizing auspiciousness and divine grace.

53. Ekansh : Ekansh means "whole" or "complete" in Sanskrit, symbolizing someone who embodies integrity and unity.

54. Eshant : Eshant signifies "calm" or "peaceful," representing serenity and tranquility.

55. Eeshan : Eeshan refers to "lord Shiva" or "the ruler," symbolizing strength and authority.

56. Eshank : Eshank means "blessed by Shiva," representing divine grace and favor.


G Letter Names

57. Gaurish : Combining "Gaur" meaning "white" or "radiant" and "Ish" meaning "lord," Gaurish signifies "lord of radiance" or "lord Shiva." 

58. Gurbir : A combination of "Gur" meaning "teacher" or "master" and "Bir" meaning "brave," Gurbir translates to "brave guru" or "courageous teacher." 

59. Garv : Meaning "pride" or "honour," Garv conveys a sense of dignity and self-respect. 

60. Girish : Derived from "Giri" meaning "mountain" and "Ish" meaning "lord," Girish refers to "lord of mountains," often associated with Lord Shiva. 

61. Gurpreet : Combining "Gur" meaning "teacher" or "master" and "Preet" meaning "love" or "affection," Gurpreet signifies "beloved guru" or "loved by the teacher." 

62. Garvit : Meaning "proud" or "arrogant," Garvit denotes someone who carries themselves with dignity and self-assurance. 

63. Gaurang : Gaurang - "Golden-limbed" - signifies someone with a radiant and golden complexion, often associated with beauty and divine attributes. 

64. Gauransh : Combining "Gaur" meaning "white" or "radiant" and "Ansh" meaning "part" or "portion," Gauransh signifies "radiant part" or "divine essence." 

65. Gurmeet : Gurmeet - "Friend of the Guru" - signifies someone who is close to and guided by their spiritual teacher or mentor. 


H Letter Names

66. Harsh : It means "joy" or "happiness."

67. Hitesh : It means "lord of goodness" or "lord of well-being." 

68. Harshit : It means "joyful" or "happy." 

69. Hrithik : It means "from the heart" or "truthful." 

70. Himanshu : It means "the moon" or "cool like moonlight." 

71. Hardik : It means "heartfelt" or "sincere." 

72. Harshil : It means "one who brings happiness" or "full of joy." 

73. Hiren : It means "diamond" or "precious." 

74. Hrishabh : It means "morning sunlight" or "lord Krishna." 

75. Harish : It means "lord of monkeys" or "lord Shiva." 

76. Harshal : It means "happiness" or "joyful." 


I Letter Names

77. Ishan : Meaning "lord" or "master," often associated with Lord Shiva or the sun. 

78. Ishaan : Variant spelling of Ishan, also meaning "lord" or "master." 

79. Indrajit : Meaning "conqueror of Indra," referring to a character from the Ramayana. 

80. Ishant : Meaning "lord of the north-east," symbolizing direction and guidance. 

81. Inesh : Meaning "king of kings" or "ruler," symbolizing authority and sovereignty. 

82. Ishit : Meaning "lord" or "ruler," representing authority and control.


J Letter Names

83. Jai : "Victory" - signifies triumph, success, or celebration of achievement. 

84. Jayesh : Meaning "victorious" or "lord of victory," symbolizing triumph and leadership. 

85. Jatin : Meaning "endurance" or "steadfastness," representing strength and resilience. 

86. Jay : Derived from Sanskrit "Jayā," meaning "victory," symbolizing triumph and success. 

87. Jithin : Meaning "conqueror" or "victorious," signifying success and achievement. 

88. Jitesh : Meaning "victorious" or "winner," representing success and accomplishment. 

89. Jeevan : Meaning "life" or "vitality," symbolizing the essence of existence. 

90. Jagan : Meaning "world" or "universe," representing the vastness of creation. 

91. Jagat : Meaning "world" or "universe," signifying the entirety of existence. 

92. Jash : Meaning "praise" or "glory," often associated with celebration and honor. 

93. Jivan : Variant of Jeevan, meaning "life" or "vitality," symbolizing the essence of existence. 

94. Jinal : Meaning "lord Vishnu" or "triumphant," signifying victory and success. 

95. Jugal : Meaning "pair" or "couple," often associated with harmony and togetherness. 

96. Jayant : Meaning "victorious" or "conqueror," symbolizing success and triumph. 


K Letter Names

97. Kabir : Meaning "great" or "powerful," often associated with the 15th-century Indian mystic poet. 

98. Krish : Short form of Krishna, meaning "dark" or "black," the name of the popular Hindu deity. 

99. Karthik : Variant of Kartikeya, the Hindu god of war and victory. 

100. Kunal : Meaning "lotus" or "of gold," symbolizing purity and prosperity. 

101. Kishan : Another name for Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. 

102. Kushal : Meaning "skilled" or "talented," representing proficiency and expertise. 

103. Kahan : Meaning "noble" or "worthy," representing dignity and honor. 

104. Kamal : Meaning "lotus," symbolizing purity, beauty, and enlightenment. 

105. Kavi : Meaning "poet" or "wise," representing creative expression and wisdom. 

106. Karan : Meaning "clever" or "intelligent," symbolizing sharpness and wit. 

107. Kanishk : Meaning "gold" or "wealthy," representing prosperity and abundance. 

108. Kedar : Meaning "a mountain," symbolizing strength and stability. 

109. Kush : Meaning "happiness" or "joy," representing joyfulness and contentment. 

110. Kaushal : Meaning "skillful" or "expert," representing proficiency and talent. 


L Letter Names

111. Lakshya : Meaning "target" or "goal," symbolizing aspiration and ambition. 

112. Luv : Named after one of Lord Rama's sons in the Hindu epic Ramayana. 

113. Laksh : Short form of Lakshman, representing auspiciousness and prosperity. 

114. Lalit : Meaning "beautiful" or "charming," symbolizing elegance and grace. 

115. Lakshin : Meaning "success" or "prosperity," symbolizing achievement and abundance. 


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M Letter Names

116. Manav : Manav signifies "human" or "mankind," representing humanity and compassion.

117. Madhav : Madhav refers to Lord Krishna, derived from the Sanskrit word meaning "sweet" or "pleasing."

118. Milan : Milan means "union" or "meeting," symbolizing harmony and togetherness.

119. Mohit : Mohit means "attracted" or "charmed," representing someone who captivates others.

120. Mihir : Mihir signifies "sun" or "sunbeam," symbolizing brightness and radiance.

121. Manan : Manan means "contemplation" or "reflection," representing deep thought and introspection.

122. Mudit : Mudit means "happy" or "joyful," symbolizing delight and contentment.

123. Manish : Manish signifies "lord of the mind" or "wise," representing intellect and wisdom.


N Letter Names

124. Naman : Meaning "salutation" or "greeting," often used to denote respect and reverence. 

125. Neil : Meaning "blue" or "sky," symbolizing vastness and infinity. 

126. Nakul : Named after one of the Pandava brothers in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. 

127. Nirav : Meaning "quiet" or "silent," representing calmness and tranquility. 

128. Naveen : Meaning "new" or "fresh," symbolizing novelty and innovation. 

129. Nihal : Meaning "content" or "happy," representing joy and satisfaction. 

130. Nirmal : Meaning "pure" or "clean," symbolizing cleanliness and innocence. 

131. Nitesh : Meaning "leader of the right path" or "guide," symbolizing direction and guidance. 

132. Neeraj : Meaning "lotus flower" or "pearl," symbolizing purity and beauty. 

133. Navin : Variant of Naveen, meaning "new" or "fresh," symbolizing novelty and innovation. 

134. Naresh : Meaning "king of men" or "lord of men," symbolizing leadership and authority. 

135. Nayan : Meaning "eye" or "sight," symbolizing vision and perception. 

136. Nishant : Meaning "end of night" or "dawn," representing the break of a new day. 

137. Nihit : Meaning "predestined" or "fated," symbolizing destiny and inevitability. 

138. Nirvik : Meaning "calm" or "composed," representing tranquility and serenity. 

139. Nitin : Meaning "master of the right path" or "guiding light," symbolizing leadership. 

140. Nihir : Meaning "mist" or "fog," representing the ethereal and mystical. 

141. Nimit : Meaning "destined" or "preordained," symbolizing fate and inevitability. 

142. Nirav : Meaning "quiet" or "silent," representing calmness and serenity. 

143. Nitish : Meaning "master of the right path" or "guide," symbolizing leadership. Nivan - Meaning "holy" or "sacred," symbolizing purity and divinity. 


O Letter Names

144. Omkar : Derived from the sacred syllable "Om," representing the essence of the universe. 

145. Omesh : Meaning "Lord of the Om," symbolizing divine authority. 

146. Omveer : Meaning "brave like Om," symbolizing courage and strength. 

147. Omraj : Meaning "king of Om," symbolizing sovereignty and rulership. 

148. Ojas : Meaning "vigor" or "strength," symbolizing energy and vitality. 

149. Omi : Meaning "spiritual" or "divine," reflecting a connection to the divine. 

150. Ovi : Meaning "sacred text" or "holy scripture," symbolizing wisdom and knowledge. 

151. Ohaan : Meaning "dawn" or "sunrise," symbolizing the beginning of a new day. 

152. Om : The sacred syllable "Om" represents the essence of the universe, divine consciousness, and spiritual harmony. 


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P Letter Names

153. Pranav : Pranav - "Sacred sound" - denotes the fundamental vibration of the universe, representing divine energy and consciousness. 

154. Pranay : Meaning "love" or "affection," symbolizing deep emotional bonds. 

155. Pradeep : Meaning "light" or "lamp," symbolizing brightness and illumination. 

156. Parth : Meaning "warrior" or "mighty," often associated with Lord Krishna's friend Arjuna. 

157. Pratham : Meaning "first" or "foremost," symbolizing priority or precedence. 

158. Pratik : Meaning "symbol" or "emblem," representing representation or identity. 

159. Praveen : Meaning "expert" or "skilled," symbolizing proficiency and mastery. 

160. Pranab : Meaning "life" or "vitality," representing the essence of existence. 

161. Prem : Meaning "love" or "affection," symbolizing deep and unconditional love. 

162. Pratyush : Meaning "sunrise" or "dawn," representing the beginning of a new day. 

163. Parv : Meaning "celebration" or "festivity," symbolizing joy and happiness. 

164. Pravin : Meaning "skilled" or "talented," representing proficiency and expertise. 

165. Piyush : Meaning "nectar" or "elixir," symbolizing sweetness and divine purity. 

166. Pulkit : Meaning "thrilled" or "excited," representing enthusiasm and joy. 

167. Prajit : Meaning "victorious" or "triumphant," symbolizing success and achievement. 

168. Pranit : Meaning "leader" or "guide," representing someone who leads or shows the way. 

169. Praveer : Meaning "brave" or "courageous," symbolizing strength and valor. 

170. Priyank : Meaning "beloved" or "dear one," representing someone who is dearly loved or cherished. 


R Letter Names

171. Raj : Meaning "king" or "rule," symbolizing royalty and leadership. 

172. Rohan : Meaning "ascending" or "rising," representing growth and progress. 

173. Rahul : Meaning "efficient" or "capable," symbolizing competence and effectiveness. 

174. Ravi : Meaning "sun" or "radiant," symbolizing brightness and warmth. 

175. Rishi : Meaning "sage" or "wise man," representing wisdom and knowledge. 

176. Ranjit : Meaning "victorious" or "conquering," symbolizing triumph and success. 

177. Raghav : Another name for Lord Rama, symbolizing righteousness and virtue. 

178. Ram : Short form of Lord Rama, symbolizing divinity and righteousness. 

179. Ratan : Meaning "gem" or "precious stone," symbolizing value and rarity. 

180. Rajat : Meaning "silver," symbolizing purity and brilliance. 

181. Rajiv : Meaning "lotus" or "blue lotus," symbolizing beauty and purity. 

182. Rohit : Meaning "red" or "sunny," representing brightness and warmth. 

183. Raman : Meaning "pleasing" or "charming," symbolizing attractiveness. 

184. Rishabh : Meaning "bull," symbolizing strength and power. 

185. Rudra : Meaning "roaring" or "terrifying," often associated with Lord Shiva. 

186. Rishikesh : Meaning "lord of the senses," symbolizing control and mastery. 

187. Rituraj : Meaning "king of seasons," symbolizing authority over nature. 

188. Rishit : Meaning "good" or "wise," symbolizing virtue and intelligence. 

189. Rajdeep : Meaning "light of the kingdom," symbolizing enlightenment and leadership. 

190. Rishik : The name "Rishik" signifies "sage" or "wise," representing wisdom and spiritual insight. 


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S Letter Names

191. Siddharth : Meaning "one who has attained his goals" or "accomplished," associated with Gautama Buddha. 

192. Sahil : Meaning "shore" or "bank," symbolizing stability and steadfastness. 

193. Soham : A Sanskrit word meaning "I am He," representing the unity of the individual soul with the universal soul. 

194. Surya : Meaning "sun god," symbolizing light, energy, and vitality. 

195. Shreyas : Meaning "auspicious" or "fortunate," symbolizing prosperity and well-being. 

196. Shivansh : Meaning "part of Lord Shiva," symbolizing divinity and auspiciousness. 

197. Samarth : Meaning "capable" or "competent," representing skill and proficiency. 

198. Siddhant : Meaning "principle" or "doctrine," symbolizing fundamental truths or beliefs. 

199. Shaurya : Meaning "courage" or "bravery," symbolizing valor and strength. 

200. Sagar : Meaning "ocean" or "sea," symbolizing vastness and depth. 

201. Suraj : Meaning "sun" or "solar," symbolizing brightness and radiance. 

202. Sarthak : Meaning "meaningful" or "significant," symbolizing purpose and importance. 

203. Sushant : Meaning "quiet" or "peaceful," symbolizing tranquility and serenity. 

204. Shubham : Meaning "auspicious" or "fortunate," symbolizing blessings and prosperity. 

205. Sumit : Meaning "well-measured" or "good friend," symbolizing balance and companionship. 

206. Sankalp : Meaning "resolution" or "determination," symbolizing commitment and resolve. 

207. Samar : Meaning "war" or "battle," symbolizing bravery and valor. 

208. Satvik : Meaning "pure" or "virtuous," symbolizing goodness and righteousness. 

209. Sameer : Meaning "companion" or "friend," symbolizing companionship and camaraderie. 

210. Sparsh : Meaning "touch" or "contact," symbolizing connection and intimacy. 

211. Shaan : Meaning "pride" or "dignity," symbolizing honor and respect. 


T Letter Names

212. Tanish : Meaning "ambition" or "desire," symbolizing aspiration and determination.

213. Tejas : Meaning "radiance" or "brightness," symbolizing energy and brilliance.

214. Tarun : Meaning "young" or "youthful," representing youthfulness and vitality.

215. Tushar : Meaning "snow" or "frost," symbolizing purity and clarity.

216. Taran : Meaning "one who crosses" or "savior," symbolizing guidance and protection.

·217. Tanmay : Meaning "absorbed" or "immersed," symbolizing deep contemplation or meditation.

218. Tanuj : Meaning "born of" or "son," symbolizing lineage or heritage.

219. Tejash : A variation of Tejas, meaning "radiance" or "brightness."

220. Tanay : Meaning "son" or "beloved," symbolizing affection and care.

221. Teerth : Meaning "sacred place" or "holy site," symbolizing spiritual significance.

222.  Tanush : Meaning "strong" or "powerful," symbolizing strength and resilience.

223.  Taran : Meaning "one who crosses" or "savior," symbolizing guidance and protection.

224. Tarang : Meaning "wave" or "undulation," symbolizing movement and dynamism.

225. Tavish : Meaning "courage" or "bravery," symbolizing valor and strength.

226. Tej : Meaning "brightness" or "radiance," symbolizing energy and illumination.

227. Tanav : Meaning "relaxed" or "calm," symbolizing tranquility and peace.


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U Letter Names

228. Utkarsh : Meaning "prosperity" or "progress," symbolizing growth and success.

229. Uday : Meaning "sunrise" or "dawn," representing the beginning of a new day.

230. Ujjwal : Meaning "bright" or "radiant," symbolizing brightness and brilliance.

231. Utsav - Meaning "festival" or "celebration," symbolizing joy and festivity.

232. Uddhav : Meaning "lord Krishna's friend," symbolizing friendship and devotion.

233. Udit : Meaning "awakened" or "risen," symbolizing enlightenment or awareness.

234. Umang : Meaning "enthusiasm" or "excitement," symbolizing passion and vigor.

235. Urjit : Meaning "energetic" or "vibrant," symbolizing liveliness and vitality.

236. Urvish : Meaning "Lord of the Earth," symbolizing sovereignty and authority.

237. Umesh : Meaning "lord of the sound" or "lord Shiva," symbolizing divine power.

238. Uddip : Meaning "enlightened" or "illuminated," symbolizing brightness and clarity.


V Letter Names

239. Vihaan : Meaning "dawn" or "morning," symbolizing the beginning of a new day.

240. Vedant : Meaning "end of the Vedas" or "ultimate knowledge," symbolizing spiritual wisdom.

241. Viraj : Meaning "resplendent" or "bright," symbolizing radiance and brilliance.

242. Varun : Meaning "lord of the sea," associated with Varuna, the god of water and the oceans.

243. Vivaan : Meaning "full of life" or "lively," symbolizing energy and vitality.

244. Veer : Meaning "brave" or "courageous," symbolizing strength and valor.

245. Vihan : Meaning "dawn" or "morning," symbolizing the beginning of a new day.

246. Vidyut : Meaning "lightning" or "electricity," symbolizing power and energy.

247. Vansh : Meaning "lineage" or "ancestry," symbolizing heritage and family lineage.

248. Vishal : Meaning "grand" or "magnificent," symbolizing greatness and splendor.

249. Viresh : Meaning "lord of courage," symbolizing bravery and valor.

250. Vidyuth : Variation of Vidyut, meaning "lightning" or "electricity."

251. Veeraj : Meaning "king of bravery," symbolizing leadership and valor.

252. Vinod : Meaning "happiness" or "pleasure," symbolizing joy and contentment.

253. Vaibhav : Meaning "prosperity" or "wealth," symbolizing abundance and success.

254. Viren : Meaning "brave" or "strong," symbolizing courage and strength.

255. Ved : Meaning "sacred knowledge" or "Vedic wisdom," symbolizing ancient knowledge.

256. Virat : Meaning "mighty" or "powerful," symbolizing strength and authority.

257. Viplav : Meaning "revolution" or "change," symbolizing transformation and innovation.

258. Vivek : Meaning "wisdom" or "discernment," symbolizing intelligence and insight.

259. Vraj : Meaning "to wander" or "to roam," symbolizing freedom and exploration.

260. Vihang : Meaning "bird" or "free spirit," symbolizing freedom and independence.

261. Vedang : Meaning "limb of the Vedas" or "sacred text," symbolizing profound knowledge.


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 Y Letter Names

262. Yash : Meaning "success" or "victory," symbolizing achievement and glory.

263. Yuvraj : Meaning "prince" or "heir apparent," symbolizing royalty and leadership.

264. Yashwant : Meaning "one who has achieved glory," symbolizing success and honor.

265. Yatharth : Meaning "reality" or "truth," symbolizing authenticity and sincerity.

266. Yuvan : Meaning "young" or "youthful," symbolizing youthfulness and vitality.

267. Yuvansh : Meaning "part of the youth" or "young generation," symbolizing youthfulness and vigor.

268. Yogesh : Meaning "lord of yoga" or "god of meditation," symbolizing spiritual mastery.

269. Yuvak : Meaning "young man" or "youth," symbolizing youthful energy and enthusiasm.

270. Yathin : Meaning "devotee" or "ascetic," symbolizing dedication and spiritual commitment.

271. Yatish : Meaning "lord of devotees" or "spiritual leader," symbolizing leadership and guidance.

272. Yashmit : Meaning "famous" or "renowned," symbolizing popularity and recognition.


Z Letter Names

273.  Zenith : Meaning "highest point" or "peak," symbolizing excellence and achievement.

274.  Zivaan : Meaning "full of life" or "vitality," symbolizing energy and liveliness.

275.  Ziv :  Meaning "radiance" or "brightness," symbolizing light and illumination.


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