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Can you solve this equation (3∆5)∆2=?

If ∆ means multiplying the first number by the second, then (3∆5)∆2 =?

  • A. 40
  • B. 35
  • C. 30
  • D. None of these

Answer:   30

Explanation :

we need to multiply the first number (3) by the alternate number (5). thus, (3∆5) is equal to 3 multiplied by 5, which equals 15. Next, we've to calculate(15∆2) using the same note.

Again, we multiply the first number (15) by the alternate number (2) to get the result. thus,(15∆2) is equal to 15 multiplied by 2, which equals 30. thus, the answer is 30. We can represent the entire expression using the accurate note as follows (3∆5)∆2 = (3x5)∆2 = 15∆2 = 15 x 2 = 30 So, the final result of the expression(3∆5)∆2 using the given note is 30.

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