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Math Challenge - There's A Three Digit Number Math Puzzle

Math puzzles are a fun and engaging way to test your problem-solving skills and logical reasoning abilities. Exercise your brain and make you think deeply. Try to solve the below math challenge and find the answer and explanation.

Math Challenge

I am a three-digit number my second digit is four times bigger than the third digit my first digit 3 less than my second digit who am I?

Try to solve it. It's little tricky

Hint:You have to use an algebraic equation

Answer: 141



Let the three numbers be 100s number a10s number b, and 1s number c.

therefore number will be 100a+10b+1c

Let the third number c be x

The alternate number is four times as big as the third number,

therefore 2nd number b = 4x

the first number is three lower than the alternate number, therefore 1st number a=(4x-3)

Now there are the following possibilities,

Since x is a number, it must lie between a single number of 1 and 9.

x cannot be 0 or further than 3 because If x is considered 0,

also the number a will be 0 and the resulting number will be only a two-digit number.

x cannot be 3 because

However, the alternate number b which is 4x, won't be between 1 and 9 if x = 3.

So, x can only take the value of c as 1 and 2.

However, 2nd number,

If x = 1 also the third number c will be 1.

b will be 4x = 4 and

the first number a will be 4x- 3 = 4- 3 = 1

Thus, the three-digit number will be 141.


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