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Math Challenge - How Many Eggs Ostriches Lay in 700 Minutes? Math Riddle

Solving Math challenges is a fun and engaging way to test your problem-solving skills and logical reasoning abilities. So, we have bought Daily Math Challenge which is designed to test and improve your mathematical skills. Discover the answer to the question of how many ostriches are needed to lay 700 eggs in 700 minutes.

These challenges can be fun and entertaining while also helping you to sharpen your problem-solving abilities.

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Math Challenge

Suppose you have three ostriches on your farm laying three eggs in three minutes. How many ostriches do you need to produce 700 eggs in 700 minutes?

  • A. 3 Ostriches
  • B. 35 Ostriches
  • C. 4 Ostriches
  • D. 7 Ostriches

Answer:   3 Ostriches

Confused How?

Let’s see an Explanation of this Math problem


If three ostriches lay three eggs in three minutes, that means each ostrich lays one egg in three minutes. Therefore, we can say that each ostrich lays 20 eggs in 60 minutes (i.e., 3 minutes per egg×20 eggs=60 minutes).

To produce 700 eggs in 700 minutes, we need to calculate the number of ostriches required to lay these eggs in that time.

If each ostrich lays 20 eggs in 60 minutes, then each ostrich would lay 200 eggs in 600 minutes,

 i.e., 20 eggs×10 intervals of 60 minutes=200 eggs.

So, to produce 700 eggs in 700 minutes, we would need 3 ostriches.

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