Matchstick puzzles with answers to improve your brain.

We have to move one matchstick puzzles with answers, move 2 matchstick puzzles, 100+ matchstick equation puzzles, and matchstick puzzles for adults. These matchstick number puzzles will improve your spatial thinking and logical ability.


Remove dust-Matchstick Puzzle

16.Matchstick Puzzles
Remove dust from the glass by moving just two matchstick.

      Explanation :

       Move the right side stick to down left and shift the middle stick to left, refer below image for a better understanding.  

10 + 11 + 12 + 13 = 14 - Matchstick Puzzles

18.Matchstick Puzzles
Move one stick to correct this five consecutive numbers wrong equation. 

      Explanation :

       Move one stick from the 3rd + sign to 13 ?3 ?, which becomes 9, the whole number becomes 19. So, the final equation we get is-
      10  + 11  +  12  -  19 = 14.

Correct the Roman number- Matchstick Puzzle

19.Matchstick Puzzles
Correct the roman number equation by just moving the matchsticks. 

      Explanation :

       Make ?v? of ?II?. so, we get the correct equation as shown below. 

4-1=8- Matchstick Puzzle

20.Matchstick Puzzles
Move 2 matchsticks to fix the equation.

      Explanation :

       Move one stick from ?4? and shift it to a ? sign, which becomes +, create ?4 into ?7?, as shown in the below image. 

Make Fish Swim in opposite direction Matchstick Puzzle

21.Matchstick Puzzles
Move 3 matchsticks to make the fish swim left.

      Explanation :

       Let? make fish swim left 
      Move 3 sticks according to the number allotted to sticks in the below image with pointing arrows.
      Finally will swim to the left side.

Remove 2 Matchstick Create 4 square - Matchstick Puzzle

22.Matchstick Puzzles
Can you make 4 equal squares by removing 2 matches ? Its challenge for you. 

      Explanation :

       Remove the sticks which are shown in the below image. So, here we get the 4 equal squares by removing 2 matchsticks.

Tower Upside down-Matchstick Puzzle

24.Matchstick Puzzles
Can you turn the tower upside down by moving only 3 matchsticks?

      Explanation :

       Move 2 sticks from the given 4 sticks of the bottom line to the upper 2nd line were only having 2 stick 
      now the sticks formation becomes like 2 sticks, 3 sticks,4 sticks, and at last 1
      The stick which is at the end, bring in below of 2 sticks that are newly created. now the sticks formation becomes like 2 sticks, 3 sticks,4 sticks, and at last 1Follow the arrows showing direction where to move matchsticks.

Identify the next number in Sequence-Matchstick Puzzle

25.Matchstick Puzzles
Can you identify the next number in this matchsticks Puzzle?

      Explanation :

       See the matchsticks number carefully, the number 8 has 6 joints, the alternate number 9 has 5 joints, the number 5 has 4 joints, 3 has 3 joints, 7 has 2 joints, therefore the next number in the line that should have 1 joint which is 1.

3-5=0 - Equation Matchsticks Puzzle

27.Matchstick Puzzles
How can you add two matchsticks to correct the Equation

      Explanation :

       Let? add the sticks 
      Add one matchstick to the 1st number 3 and make it 9.
      Add 2nd matchstick to the last number 5 and make it into 9.
      So, we get the correct equation as below : .

Create another word-Matchstick Puzzle

28.Matchstick Puzzles
Move 3 matchsticks and add 1 matchstick to create another word.

      Explanation :

       Follow the arrows in the given direction and move matchsticks. So, here we get another word SING.

34+89=400-Matchstick Puzzle

29.Matchstick Puzzles
Move Only one matchstick to correct the equation.

      Explanation :

       Move 1 matchstick from 4 to make it 11. So, we have correct equation - 311+89=400.

Square of 3 - Matchstick Puzzle

30.Matchstick Puzzles
Add one matchstick to create square of 3. 

      Explanation :

       Square of 3 is 9. So, we add one matchstick to convert 3 into 9.