Matchstick puzzles with answers to improve your brain.

We have to move one matchstick puzzles with answers, move 2 matchstick puzzles, 100+ matchstick equation puzzles, and matchstick puzzles for adults. These matchstick number puzzles will improve your spatial thinking and logical ability.


5+7=2 Matchstick Puzzle

31.Matchstick Puzzles
Move one single stick  to correct the equation. Its challenge for you. 

      Explanation :

       Move one stick from the + sign and move it to five so, It becomes 9 ? 7 = 2. 

6+4=4 Matchstick Puzzle

32.Matchstick Puzzles
Can you fix this equation by moving just 1 matchstick?

      Explanation :

       Move one stick from 6 and place it in a standing position. Equation will become like 0 + 4 = 4. 

7+7=0 Matchstick Puzzle

33.Matchstick Puzzles
Test your IQ Try to solve this equation by moving  only one matchsticks. 

      Explanation :

       Move one stick from seven and place it in between zero, it will become 8. The correct equation we get is 7 + 1 = 8.

Move 2 Matchstick to get 5+3=5 Matchstick Puzzle

34.Matchstick Puzzles
Challenge yourself with this matchstick puzzle. Move 2 Matchsticks to get correct equation.

      Explanation :

       The one stick of + sign will move to 5 which becomes 6 and one stick of 5 shifts back, it becomes 3. So, the correct equation we get is 6 - 3 = 3.

Move 1 and Correct 9-8=15 Matchstick Puzzle

35.Matchstick Puzzles
Can you fix this equation by moving just 1 matchstick?

      Explanation :

       By removing the top left matchstick change the 8 into a 6 and use that matchstick to change the minus into a plus. So, get correct equation 9 + 6 = 15.

Move 2 to get 4+0=8 Matchstick Puzzle

36.Matchstick Puzzles
Move 2 Matchsticks to get correct equation. 

      Explanation :

       Move the sticks of 8 and + sign to 4 and create it 9.Therefore, the equation will look like  9 + 0  =  9.

Move 1 and correct 3+3=8 Matchstick Puzzle

37.Matchstick Puzzles
Move the  one matchstick from the following matchstick equation and try to make the below equation correct.

      Explanation :

       Move the stick of 1st 3 and make it 5. So, we the get correct equation 5 + 3 = 8.

6-6=8 Matchstick Equation

38.Matchstick Puzzles
	Move One Matchstick to correct the following equation.

      Explanation :

       Just remove one matchstick from number 8 and place it below ? the sign which becomes =, so we will get an equation as 6 = 6 = 6.

9-5=0 Matchstick Equation

39.Matchstick Puzzles
Move one match stick and fix the equation in the correct order.

      Explanation :

       Remove one matchstick from 0 and move it to 5. So, 5 become 9 and 8 becomes 0. The equation we get is 9 ? 9 = 0.

8-3=3 Matchstick Equation

40.Matchstick Puzzles
Move one match stick and fix the equation.

      Explanation :

       Move one stick from 3 and make it 5. The equation will look like 
      8 ? 5 = 3. 

Divide the square evenly into two parts- Matchstick Puzzle

41.Matchstick Puzzles
The matchstick square is given, use an extra 4 matchsticks to divide the square evenly into two parts with the same shape and area. 
Divide_the_Square_Matchstick Puzzle

      Explanation :

       Arrange 4 extra sticks in Alphabet ?Z? and rotate Z then place it inside the square box as given in the below image. If we cut the square into two parts, we get the square into the same shape and area as two equal parts of the square. 

Move 1 Matchstick to make Square-Matchstick Puzzle

42.Matchstick Puzzles
	You have given 4 matchsticks arranged in a plus (+) sign. Move only one stick to make a square. 

      Explanation :

       Move the left side matchstick to the left, which creates the square in the middle of the plus sign as shown below.  

Move 1 and make Highest Possible Number-Matchstick Puzzle

43.Matchstick Puzzles
Can you make highest possible number by moving just one matchstick ?

      Explanation :

       In the question, we have given the number 508, by just moving one stick from the number 8 to 5  (8 becomes 0 and 5 becomes 9),we get the highest possible number 900. 

Move 3 and Make 3 squares -Matchstick Puzzle

44.Matchstick Puzzles
	Can you make 3 similar square moving 3 matchsticks ?
Move_3_and_Make_3_squares_matchstick puzzle

      Explanation :

       Move the sticks to their respective places as shown in the image. So final result is as below.

2 square boxes - Matchstick Puzzle

45.Matchstick Puzzles
	Move 2 matchsticks to make 2 square boxes. Solve this, its a challenge for you. 

      Explanation :

       Move the stick from 2 in a standing position after that Move the middle down stick, as shown in the below image.  So, here are the perfect 2 squares.